Our Limited Case Load Personal Client Attention Approach as Your Personal Injury Attorney

June 14, 2018 | J. Price McNamara
Our Limited Case Load Personal Client Attention Approach as Your Personal Injury Attorney

Fewer cases for a personal injury attorney means more time for yours, better preparation for settlement or trial presentation, and we believe, better results overall. Early on, when I first began representing injured accident victims as a personal injury attorney, I made a personal career choice not to run large television and yellow page marketing campaigns, or otherwise create a "high-volume" injury practice. I like to personally handle all aspects of my clients' claims, including all communication with each client, and feel strongly that that is my role as their lawyer. So I decided to be selective. Handling "volume" would entail much delegating to a staff of paralegals or case managers, which is simply not my preferred practice style. Don't want it, and don't need it. Each year, we accept a very limited number of accident and injury claims from hundreds of requests for representation. Most of my clients come as referrals from past satisfied clients and other attorneys. I am personally more satisfied handling a limited number of cases, usually involving more serious injuries. That way, I can handle each accident claim the way I like to. That way, I can dedicate the time necessary to fully educate each client on his or her claim as we proceed through the injury claim and litigation process as rapidly as we can, as a team, while doing it right. As a result, if we represent you, you understand your own claim completely from beginning to end. You understand exactly what will happen next, and why. This allows us to better provide you with excellent service, and makes the entire process less stressful for you because you are always fully informed. When we do accept a case, we are dedicated to devoting the time and resources required to handle it right. Frankly, it makes my work more satisfying to know that, along the way and in the end, you will never second-guess your decision to hire us. You will see the effort and hard work we pour into your claim, and you will know that we are different. High volume would not accommodate this level of attention to each case. Since we rely heavily upon referrals of future clients from past satisfied clients, your being happy with our service not only makes my work more personally satisfying, my future success literally depends upon it. Sometimes the best advice we can give when we evaluate a potential case is that you do not have a claim that can be won. If that is true, we will tell you. We will also tell you when we think you are better off handling a claim yourself - without an attorney. But if your case passes our test, and we do represent you, you can be assured that you will receive personal attention, aggressive representation and timely personal updates about your case directly from your attorney. We will explain all fees and costs to you fully, in the form of a written contract, before we start working on your case. Then together, as a team, we will decide how to best proceed with your claim. As we pursue our journey together, we will determine a reasonable settlement figure and advise whether you should settle your case or go to trial.

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Losing my own brother, then my father and sister after long, disabling illnesses just a few months apart drove a career change for me. Before that experience, I never truly understood the place you’re in. I never understood the dramatic impact that receiving (or not receiving) the disability and life insurance benefits you paid for and counted on can have on your life especially when you need to focus on family and healing. What I experienced with my own family now drives the way I view my clients and my work, and I will never forget it!

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