A.N. AguilarA.N. Aguilar
15:50 18 Feb 23
Price helped me in one of the most stressful times in my life. I left him a voice mail and he called me back almost immediately on a weekend. This is how dedicated he is to his clients! He is extremely quick with communicating with his clients, which is something I highly value. My case was not ERISA. Despite this, he was generous enough to recommend me an amazing attorney in his network. I cannot thank him enough! Price goes the extra mile, which is why I am happy to recommend him to anyone. Thank you Price!
Very helpful and caring. Provided sound advice and guidance on a legal matter.
Mark AtkinsonMark Atkinson
18:20 20 Jan 23
I suffered from a job-related incident that immediately affected my ability to work and even do much at all and of course my health along with it. When I saw my doctor, he immediately wrote a non-return to work letter to the company I worked for. The Company I worked for placed me on short term disability that paid me. When short term disability ran out long term disability was supposed to start paying me but denied my case even though I had seen several doctors and was still not being released to work. I had no income at all. Mr. Price McNamara's law firm handled my case and the insurance company started paying me along with backpay they owed me. They are very professional but at the same time very friendly and caring. Erika one of the employees with this firm played a vital role keeping me updated and informed of what was going on during the process and often times encouraged me. They are trustworthy and can help you with your case.
David WilliamsDavid Williams
17:44 21 Dec 22
Mr. McNamara was very knowledgeable,clear and concise! He gave me a great understanding of my situation. He and his staff are very professional and attentive to the needs of their clients.
Jenifer CervantesJenifer Cervantes
01:36 03 Sep 22
Fantastic professional advice and counsel!
Virginia MooreVirginia Moore
20:09 14 Jul 22
Price McNamara is awesome they go over and beyond for their clients. They treat you as a person not just another case. Mostly I would like to give my most deepest appreciation to Mrs Claire she has always been there for me with any calls or any question she is a sweet soul and I thank you.
A thinking ChristianA thinking Christian
19:17 03 Aug 21
Mr. Price was so helpful. He listened attentively and compassionately.Early on in our conversation he shared that we were a social security case and his specialty was ERISA cases so he would recommend someone who could better handle our concern. Still, knowing this, he spent 30 minutes of his valuable time offering us advice and encouragement. He genuinely cares for his clients and sees them as people, not projects. I am indebted to him.
sisi stevenssisi stevens
06:04 12 Dec 20
J. PRICE McNamara and his team are the absolute best. I was able to put my worries aside and just concentrate on my health. I was always informed of all activity concerning my case...my concerns were addressed by Price and his team quickly and thoroughly.My fears were put at ease and I did not have to face the insurance company alone ...I was represented by the very best ERISA lawyer.. I appreciate Price McNamara and his team more than they will ever know ...I wasnt treated like a case or a client I was treated like a family member. When your looking for the best you don't have to look any further than Price McNamara and his team...I was truly blessed to have them handle my case.


This has been a very difficult time for myself and my family. Mr. Mcnamara did his best to be as empathetic and compassionate as possible. He is very knowledgeable and a man of great integrity.


I am so thankful Price was my attorney during this difficult time in my life after losing my fiance. He made me feel very comfortable I trusted that he had my best interests in mind. I highly recommend him I was truly blessed to have had him help me fight for what is mine.


I would like to take a moment to thank Mr. Price McNamara for the leadership of legal counsel aid him and his staff showed through the entire process of working with me with my Disability case. I will highly recommend Mr. Price McNamara to anyone that needs someone that is outstanding to fight for their legal rights under any legal procedures of Disability law.

Gregory Smith

Price was instrumental in assisting me through the disability process. Without his help and guidance , I do not think that I would have been successful !!!!
Thank you Price.


Mr Price is great attorney with great skills and lot of experience. But BEST QUALITY he has that he is wonderful human being he care for your family and you as a human being. My family thanks you very much. GOD bless you and your staff.

Jim Couder

The law firm of Price McNamara has successfully settled our law suit when other attorneys said that we had no case Price assured us that we did and in eight months he was able to negotiate a settlement that we were told that we could not get. I highly recommend his law firm and I can assure you that if Price says he can do it rest assured that you are in very good hands. It is with extreme pleasure that we highly recommend the law firm of Price McNamara.

Gwendolyn Miller

I want to say thanks to J. Price McNamara for the sound free advice he gave me related how to increase my chances of being approved for Long Term Disability of being denied. I must say after implementing elements of his sound advice such as showing the insurance company proof of how my illness/disability had impacted my work by involving my employer and together submitting my last few performance evaluations as it provided some of the evidence needed to show that my work performance was adversely affected by illness. I’m happy to say I was approved for long term disability thanks impart to the free sound advise for someone who cares! So, thanks Mr. McNamara!!!


I needed an attorney with a specific specialty and Price McNamara was definitely the right choice. His representation was based on principles that are probably unsurpassed by any other attorney in the field. McNamara represents individuals, not big-money corporations, like so many others in his field of specialty. He is a consummate professional, extremely knowledgeable and experienced and he won my case with ease much sooner than expected.


I found Mr. McNamara to be practical and efficient. He did what I needed in a reasonable amount of time, keeping me well informed and with excellent results. He communicated with me clearly and on a timely basis. I will use him in the future.


I am a current client of Mr. McNamara’s. He is very accessible and responds to my emails and phone calls in a timely manner. I find him to be very professional and knowledgeable, as well as ready, willing and able to address all of my questions and/or concerns.

Anonymous Client

I am an attorney. Price represented me, and in a separate suit represented my daughter, for injuries. He moved the cases at lightning speed and obtained maximum recovery. I was grateful and surprised. I would recommend Price to anyone who wants a top-notch attorney who gets results.

Client Impacted by a Wrongful Death

I would recommend Mr. Mcnanmara to anyone at any time. He was the best attorney that my family and I came in contact with. About three years ago we had a very tragic, accidental death in our family and the company knew that it was their fault but of course tried passing the buck. Mr. Price was very informative with us and also very prompt on returning all of our phone calls. He also met with us anytime that we were uneased about what was going on. Mr. Mcnamara made my family and I feel like we were his family and that our case and satisfaction was important. To sum it all up, he went that extra mile and all his hard work and dedication was much appreciated.


Price and Sara are great. They helped us in a time of need. Their communication was always spot on and I never felt out of the loop with what was going on with our case.

A Happy Client

Price is very professional, honest, and reliable. Whatever he says, he will follow through with the utmost integrity. He will turn over every stone and pays close attention to even the smallest detail. I’m glad I secured his services.


Without going into the painful details regarding the reason for having to hire Price, his compassion and communication helped my family during an extremely difficult time. If you need legal help because you or a family member was injured by something or someone else, don’t hesitate to call him.