Insurance Companies Will Do ANYTHING to Destroy Your Claim

An unbelievable, but true story:

Progressive Insurance Company admitted hiring private detectives to actually JOIN A CHURCH in attempts to discredit a couple suing Progressive. The detectives posed as a married couple, and worked their way into and tape-recorded church confession and support group sessions at a member’s private home.

Progressive has been sued because of its actions, and its Chief Executive, Glenn Renwick admitted to Progressive’s actions, stating: “What the investigators and Progressive people did was wrong – period. . . . I personally want to apologize to anyone who was affected by this.”

In my view, his true disappointment was that his investigators got caught engaging in the type of behavior that happens much more than ever gets exposed.

Outrageous behavior like this should be a warning to victims of car accident, truck accident or other types of personal injury to be on guard because insurance companies will stop at nothing.

Source: The Atlanta Journal – Constitution, USA, August 23, 2007.