Man Sues Gas Station Over Alleged Personal Injury

September 5, 2014 | J. Price McNamara
Man Sues Gas Station Over Alleged Personal Injury

A Gretna gas station is being sued by Raymond S. Dave Jr., a Louisiana resident who allegedly suffered a personal injury when his vehicle fell into a drain while moving through the gas station’s car wash. According to Dave, the convenience store is guilty of negligence for failing to maintain their equipment and their premises up to regulatory standards. The plaintiff is seeking compensation for damages, loss of use of vehicle, and loss of wages, as well as for medical expenditures and emotional suffering. The case has been assigned to Division M Judge Henry G. Sullivan Jr., in the 24th Judicial District Court. According to Dave, his vehicle fell into a water drain while driving it through the gas station’s car wash. When he stepped out of the car and inspected the area, he found that the drain grates had been removed and never replaced. He has accused Brothers’ Convenience Store of maintaining the car wash in a defective state, putting him and other clientele in danger. If the plaintiff’s accusations are accurate, the gas station can be found negligent for failing to eliminate dangerous conditions on their premises and for failure to adhere to a reasonable standard of precaution. If this were the case, Dave would be eligible for compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, and a host of non-economic damages, including pain and suffering as a result of physical and emotional injury. Dave asserts that the accident caused sufficient personal injury to warrant medical attention, which he is seeking compensation for. According to the plaintiff, the accident resulted in physical and emotional trauma, leading to pain, suffering, and mental anguish. Apart from seeking recompense for injuries sustained, Dave is also suing the gas station for wage losses, vehicle damage, and the cost of towing. Vehicle accidents can cause serious harm, including spinal cord injuries which can significantly restrict the normal functioning of the affected individual. These kind of accidents can also lead to head and brain injuries, as well as damage to the soft tissues of the body — the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. If you have recently been involved in auto accident, whether it involved another vehicle or if it was on the premises of a business, it is important to immediately seek medical attention; your safety and wellbeing are of paramount importance. If the other party is found to be negligent or to have failed to exercise reasonable precaution, you may be entitled for compensation for your medical expenses and the non-economic costs of traumatic injuries.

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