Long Term Disability Insurance Denials

Whether you were diagnosed with a long-term illness, received a severe injury, had an extensive surgery or are facing a different medical concern, you expect your long term disability insurance to be available to you. However, accessing the benefits you have paid for is often a difficult and frustrating process. You must adhere to specific deadlines and your documentation must be thorough, or you could be among the thousands of applicants who receive long term disability insurance denials. For help applying for disability benefits or appealing a denial, the services of a seasoned insurance attorney may be helpful.

Denials for Lack of Evidence

It is important for applicants to understand that an insurance company provides a worker’s disability benefits, not their employer directly. Given how knowledgeable insurance companies typically are about illnesses and injuries, applicants should not assume their employer’s knowledge or opinion of their inability to work will automatically qualify them for benefits. Applicants need to provide plenty of evidence to the insurance company to support their claim, and a failure to do so often results in a denial of long term disability benefits. While applicants must make sure to complete whatever forms the insurance company and their employer have given them, they should not rely on these forms to paint a full picture of their disability and inability to work all by themselves. It is usually wise for applicants to have their doctor complete a full report about their condition in addition to completing the required paperwork. This report should go into detail about how the condition prevents them from completing the duties of their job. An attorney can review this report with both the doctor and the applicant for long term disability insurance to ensure it gives the most accurate information and minimizes the chances of a denial.

Get Professional Help with Long Term Disability Insurance Denials Today

The most critical mistake that many applicants make is not hiring an attorney who has experience in long term disability cases. Disability laws are complex at both the state and federal levels, and they can be overwhelming to someone who is not used to being in this type of law. Reach out to a knowledgeable disability benefits lawyer today in order to help increase your chances of receiving the benefits you deserve. By retaining qualified legal counsel, you could have a knowledgeable ally working with you through this challenging process, including any efforts you must make to appeal long term disability insurance denials.