The Life Insurance Claim Process

March 17, 2020 | J. Price McNamara
The Life Insurance Claim Process The life insurance claims process in the State of Texas can be extremely complicated and difficult to navigate, depending upon your insurance company. Moreover, when it comes to pursuing life insurance benefits, it is essential that you follow all of your insurance company’s protocols. Otherwise, the insurance company may decide to deny your claim for benefits.  Fortunately, the experienced Texas life insurance claims lawyers at the J. Price McNamara ERISA Insurance Claim Attorney are here to help you. Our legal team can help you begin the claims process and pursue the benefits that you need. Please contact us today for more information and to schedule a Free Denial Review and legal consultation.

How Life Insurance Policies are Set Up

Texas life insurance policies are set up in a very specific way. First of all, the insured takes out the policy – sometimes through his or her employer – during the insured’s lifetime. The insured then makes premium payments at various intervals, usually on a monthly or semi-annual basis. Moreover, the insured will have designated one or more beneficiaries on the policy who are entitled to make a claim and pursue a payout once the insured passes away. 

Making a Claim

When the policy insured passes away, the designated beneficiary or beneficiaries then have a right to assert a claim under the policy. The beneficiary must first notify the insurance company of the insured’s death within a specified period of time established by the policy.  The insurance company may also request certain documentation, including a copy of the coroner’s report and/or the death certificate that states the time and place of the insured’s death. In some instances, the insurance company may undertake an investigation into the claim, depending upon the circumstances. 

Dealing with a Claim Denial

At some point in the claims process, following a review, the insurance company may decide to deny a life insurance claim payout. There are various reasons why the insurance company might deny a claim for life insurance benefits. In some cases, the insurance company may contend that the policy lapsed during the insured’s lifetime, simply because he or she stopped making premium payments, and that any grace period has subsequently expired.  In other cases, the insurance company may argue that there were material misrepresentations on the initial application. For example, on the application, the insured may not have disclosed a significant prior illness, injury, or preexisting medical condition.  If the insurance company has denied your claim for benefits, you may be in a position to appeal the claim administratively and/or file an appeal in the court system, depending upon the circumstances. A Texas life insurance claims lawyer can assist you, not just during the claims process, but also when appealing a claim denial.

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