Documents Needed to Prove a Disability  

March 31, 2020 | J. Price McNamara
Documents Needed to Prove a Disability   Proving the existence of a disability – and in particular, a long-term disability – can be extremely difficult. In fact, it often takes several bites at the apple in order for an insurance company to finally offer up disability benefits once a claim has been filed. In addition, there are numerous documents that need to be submitted as part of your disability claim, in order for your claim to ultimately be successful. If that documentation is not attached the first time, the insurance company will not hesitate to deny your claim.  A Texas disability lawyer at the J. Price McNamara ERISA Insurance Claim Attorney can assist you with proving your disability claim and obtaining the long-term benefits that you need – and which you deserve. Please contact us online today for more information and to schedule a Free Denial Review and legal consultation.

Medical Documentation

Probably the most important type of documentation that is necessary to successfully prove a disability claim is medical documentation. The medical documentation in your case must be sufficient to indicate that you suffer from an illness or injury that is long-term or permanent in nature – and that this illness or injury prevents you from working in any capacity. This burden of proof is extremely high, and it can be difficult to prove that you are permanently injured or ill without having a qualified health care provider on board in your case. 

Letter from a Health Care Provider

In order for your disability case to be successful and for you to be eligible for disability benefits, you must have a health care provider on board in your disability case. Specifically, your doctor must allege, in writing, that you suffer from an illness or injury that does not allow you to work. If this medical documentation is lacking at the administrative level, you will have an opportunity to supplement the record on appeal. However, it is important that you supplement the record with the necessary medical records and other documentation at the administrative appeal level. If you wait until a federal court appeal to try to supplement the record, you will not be able to do so at that juncture. 

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If you are in the process of obtaining disability benefits for a long-term illness or injury, the knowledgeable legal team at the J. Price McNamara ERISA Insurance Claim Attorney can be extremely helpful. Our team can help you assemble the necessary documentation and submit it with your application package. If additional documentation is necessary, we can help you obtain that documentation and ensure that your package is complete the first time.  Moreover, in the event the insurance company denies your claim for disability benefits, our legal team can help you appeal that denial – either administratively with the insurance company, or in the federal court system, if you have already exhausted all of your administrative remedies. To schedule a Free Denial Review and legal consultation with a knowledgeable Texas disability lawyer, please contact us online today.
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Losing my own brother, then my father and sister after long, disabling illnesses just a few months apart drove a career change for me. Before that experience, I never truly understood the place you’re in. I never understood the dramatic impact that receiving (or not receiving) the disability and life insurance benefits you paid for and counted on can have on your life especially when you need to focus on family and healing. What I experienced with my own family now drives the way I view my clients and my work, and I will never forget it!

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