Widow of Louisiana Victim Files Lawsuit Against Pipeline Company

June 27, 2014 | J. Price McNamara
Widow of Louisiana Victim Files Lawsuit Against Pipeline Company

The widow of a Louisiana man is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Precision Pipeline, a Wisconsin-based pipeline company. Jennifer McDannell’s husband was killed when a 7,000-pound section of pipe crashed through the cab of an excavator he was operating and struck him in the chest. The incident occurred in 2012 in Brooke County, West Virginia. McDannell is claiming working conditions were unsafe, the pipe was unsecure, and there was no protective screen on the front of the cab. She is seeking damages for the death of her husband, funeral costs, and mental anguish experienced from the loss. For cases like these, J. Price McNamara ERISA Insurance Claim Attorney can help represent you. We offer Free Denial Reviews so that you can get expert legal advice on what your next step should be.

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If you have suffered through a loss you believe is the result of another person’s negligence or wrongful act, you may be entitled to an award of damages for wrongful death. In Louisiana, only a surviving spouse, parent, guardian, or child may pursue a wrongful death case. You only have two years from the loved one’s death to file a wrongful death lawsuit. It is imperative you speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. A personal injury lawyer is needed for such cases in order to properly assess liability, damages, insurance, as well as access to experts in the field. If you believe a loved one’s death was the result of a wrongful or negligent act, we want to help you seek justice. J. Price McNamra is an experienced personal injury attorney that can help guide you on the right course of action. We are happy to give free legal advice and determine if your claim is grounds for a lawsuit. We will also take the time to educate you on the personal injury litigation process, what to expect, and personally prepare you for any depositions. We believe in taking a limited case load in order to devote more time and personal attention to your case. We believe the attorney and client should be on the same page for the entire process! Contact our firm for a Free Denial Review: (225) 201-8311. We help clients in the Baton Rouge and Metairie, LA areas.
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