Tips To Find A Lawyer In Louisiana

January 15, 2015 | J. Price McNamara
Tips To Find A Lawyer In Louisiana

Finding the right lawyer in any state can be challenging. In Louisiana alone, there are thousands of attorneys to choose from. Finding the right one can be a herculian task at the very and confusing at best. For this reason, we have created a simple step by step process to help you find the right lawyer for your case.

Step One: As For Recommendations

Asking family and friends for recommendations. These people will usually have used an attorney for some trouble they have experienced in the past. An lawyer directory may also be helpful. Attorney directories can help you focus on lawyers in your specific area with expertise to match your needs. The Louisiana State Bar Association does not offer a statewide referral service for lawyers. However, it does offer a lawyer directory allowing the public to search for lawyers by area of practice. This can be helpful in narrowing down your search. Step Two: Interview Your New Attorney After you have narrowed down your search to a few attorneys, you should consider a consultation. This consultation is much like a job interview. As such, you should ask questions that can help you decide if a particular attorney is the right one for you. Many Louisiana lawyers offer free initial consultations to help you make that decision. Because this is not a requirement, you should be sure to always inquire about consultation fees before you make the appointment. Step Three: Ask Proper Questions Consultation with a potential attorney can be as long as you want it to be in most instances. However, it is best to keep your initial appointment to between fifteen minutes and an hour. Because this ends up being a short period of time, it important to keep the interview focused and ask the right questions of any potential attorneys. You should first lay out the details of your issue, keeping your summary brief. You might also want to ask how much experience your potential lawyer has with your type of case. It is important to be sure your attorney has significant experience in the type of law that your case involves. Don't be afraid to ask them about their successes or for references. Your consultation is the proper time to talk about fees and payment for your case. Step Four: Ask For And Check References Ask for references and check them. You can also look up an attorney by their bar number with the bar association. This will be able to tell you if you attorney is currently active and if there have been any complaints against them. Step Five: Don't Be Afraid To Walk Away If you feel uncomfortable or something does not feel right, you can say no to a lawyer's help. Not every attorney is right every type of case. Moreover, because you will likely be working with this person for a significant amount of time, you should feel comfortable with your lawyer. Do not sign any paperwork until you are sure. Step Six: Be Sure You Have A Signed Agreement In Place Typically at this time a retainer or deposit may be required to start your case. Before you put any money down for a deposit, you should have a signed agreement in place. Read through this agreement carefully and be sure you understand it. Also be sure you understand how much time your attorney will be be spending on your case and exactly what their strategy is for handling your case.

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