Support Baton Rouge Small Business: Portobello’s Grill

March 14, 2016 | J. Price McNamara
Support Baton Rouge Small Business: Portobello’s Grill

With two decades of business, Portobello’s Grill has served up countless meals for locals here in Baton Rouge. This local business is a staple eatery in the community, and for good reason. Portobello’s Grill is committed to serving in-house prepared dishes using only the freshest, high-quality ingredients. Like we mentioned in our previous blog about the local cafe, Brew Ha-Ha, we recognize the importance of locally-owned and operated businesses. With this in mind, we want to continue our series of blogs dedicated to showcasing the best and brightest businesses around Baton Rouge, LA. Portobello’s Grill is a restaurant that we felt must be mentioned for its friendly environment, excellent service, and eclectic menu. Personal injury attorney, J. Price McNamara gives his local readers a brief overview of Portobello’s Grill and all of the delicious dishes they offer on their menu.

Italian Food With a Twist

Many of our local readers will recognize Portobello’s Grill right away. This locally-run restaurant has been in the Baton Rouge area since 1996. You can find one of their three locations just a short distance away from our Baton Rouge office at 7622 Old Hammond Highway. Their Bocage location features a range of seating options with cozy indoor tables as well as patio seating. The basis behind Portobello’s is their perfect combination of casual dining with concepts of fine dining. This perfect marriage of casual and elegant dining styles makes it a great choice for locals, whether they’re enjoying dinner for a night-out or a casual brunch with friends and family. Portobello’s Grill also combines two great cuisines — Italian cuisine and southern comfort food to create a unique menu with a variety of options. This unusual combination came about from the owner growing up in the kitchens of two premier Italian restaurants in Baton Rouge. Taking this experience and the love for southern cooking, the idea for Portobello’s Grill was born. The menu of Portobello’s Grill is so eclectic that we doubt anyone wouldn’t be able to find something they love at this local restaurant. Like any Italian restaurant, Portobello’s has a variety of pasta to choose from. Their menu includes classic Italian pasta such as chicken parmigiana, meatballs, veal parmigiana, and more. They also have specialty pasta that fuse together Italian cuisine and the spirit of the south. Some of their house specialty pasta include their shrimp and crab alfredo, eggplant stack, simple pasta oglio olio, and more. Their pasta jam is a particular favorite and it includes chicken, smoked sausage, tasso, onions, and peppers with roasted garlic cream sauce and penne pasta. If you’re looking for something other than pasta, they have a range of choices which include sandwiches, salads, steak, chicken, and seafood. Portobello’s Grill is also a favorite brunch spot because of their hearty brunch dishes and bottomless mimosas on weekends. You have a range of egg benedicts to choose from, such as the twin filets benedict, crab cakes benedict, and eggs florentine. Other specialty choices for brunch include shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles, grits and pork grillades, and Belgian waffles. Overall, we’d recommend this local restaurant to anyone in the area looking for freshly-made, Italian food with a delicious southern twist. For more information on their menu, visit the Portobello’s Grill website. Like this small business spotlight? Make sure to stay tuned for more upcoming blogs showcasing great small businesses here in Baton Rouge, LA.
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