St. Helena High School Fair Tragedy

Two teens were tragically injured at St. Helena High School in Greensburg, Louisiana when they fell from the Zipper, a Ferris wheel-like ride Saturday evening. They fell 15 feet to the ground when the ride began moving while they were trying to disembark. They were flown to Our Lady Of The Lake Hospital.

The ride is reportedly owned and operated by a South Dakota carnival company. The ride has not been reopened, although investigation has not yet revealed any defects.

Our prayers go out to the injured teens for a full and quick recovery.

Hopefully this frightening event will trigger careful analysis by the operating company of its procedures for getting people safely off of its rides. If a company runs amusement rides for profit, it should be able to assure that all it’s customers need to fear is the intended thrill of the ride, not serious injury from the company’s failure to have in place or follow safe procedures.