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September 25, 2014 | J. Price McNamara
Share the Road Motorcycle accidents are a frequent occurrence nationwide and the rate at which accidents occur between motorcycles and automobiles is increasing. This reason can be attributed to mindset and partly some negligence on both sides. Some will argue that motorcyclists drive recklessly and put themselves into dangerous positions. This notion can be true for some motorcyclists who engage in high speed racing or dangerous tricks. However, automobile drivers need to realize that this is not true for every motorcyclist. Motorcycle awareness is becoming more pronounced and friendly reminders on highways are alerting automobile drivers to drive safe and share the road with motorcyclists. Sometimes accidents are caused by external factors such as heavy rainfall which can make roads slippery when wet, and in turn, makes the road more dangerous not just for motorcyclists but every vehicle. Motorcycle accidents are fairly common, where even you may know someone that was involved in a motorcycle accident. Many accidents are caused by blind spots, which affects an automobile's ability to notice a motorcycle driving along side them and  they will often merge over without seeing or looking for oncoming automobiles or motorcycles.  This results in a collision where an automobile will either hit the motorcyclist or cause the motorcyclist to go off road or run into someone else.

Compensation for Motorcycle Accidents

In investigating motorcycle accidents, it is important to be very factual in the chain of events that lead up to the accident. Police reports, doctor evaluations, medical records, pictures taken at the scene, are all vital in building your case. The insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind and will try to settle for the lowest and quickest compensation payout. Often the insurance companies will not properly document or run a proper investigation, especially with if the person they insure is at fault. An experienced lawyer is needed for situations such as this to ensure that fair compensation and thorough documentation is recorded of your motorcycle accident. Additional compensation for motorcyclists who have been hospitalized or had to go through therapy to recover from injuries they acquired , will prevent them from working or making a living. When filing a claim, these points must be considered when attempting to get compensation from a responsible party and the insurance companies.

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