Flood Damage Claims

The tragic events from the catastrophic flooding has forced FEMA to deem Louisiana as a disaster area. The devastating damage from the recent historic Louisiana flooding may have left your home uninhabitable. It is important to get in touch with a skilled Louisiana insurance lawyer right after a flood. The result of flood damage ranges from inside the home in the form of mud, damage to walls, uprooted flooring, and even toxic mold. Moreover, there will likely be further internal damage to kitchen appliances, furnaces, water heaters, and the like. The outside of your home will take on severe damage also, including structural damage. Understanding your homeowners’ policy, coverage and your property damage might be the first step in managing these catastrophic events. Even though you may have comprehensive insurance covering your home or business, it is unlikely that damage caused by flood will be covered. In the event that your home becomes damaged by water, your homeowners’ insurance will try to claim that the damage was caused by flooding and will deny your claim. The insurance claim adjuster could potentially prove no proof-of-loss based on “Acts of God” and you may not end up getting paid by the insurance company. If your flood damage claims are denied, you have the right to petition and fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Our Louisiana Flood Insurance Lawyer Fights Insurance Companies For You!

If you find yourself in this situation, our flood attorney can help because we have handled many cases dealing with these circumstances. Louisiana flood damage claims require thorough and complete knowledge of what differentiates “flood” damage versus “water damage.” The definitions may seem like common sense, however, many home and business owners have been unsuccessful at getting their insurance companies to handle and pay out a claim because they lack the knowledge required to fight. Have our experienced flood insurance lawyer fight for you! Our flood attorney in Louisiana comprehends the full extent of what it takes to put your life back together after severe water damage or flooding. Moreover, we understand how difficult it can be dealing with insurance companies during this already uneasy and troubling time. We can take the burden of fighting insurance companies with our team of experts. You will need a flood attorney on your side and we are ready to work and fight for you.

A Louisiana Native is Your Flood Attorney

Flood Damage Claims Louisiana | Flood Attorney | Flood Insurance LawyerBorn and raised in Louisiana, J. Price McNamara originally began as an insurance company attorney. His sole interest is to help insured property damage and flood damage victims against the insurance companies with his expertise. Price and his family still reside within the same community as the victims of the catastrophic Louisiana floods. His extensive knowledge of the geographic location allows a more catered approach to your claims. Avoid the national outfit law firms and go local! With offices located in Baton Rouge and Metairie, J. Price McNamara is here to fight the insurance companies for you. Give us a call to schedule your Free Denial Review toll-free at 866.248.0580 today.  We cover Baton Rouge, Ascension Parish, Livingston Parish, East Baton Rouge Parish, Plaquemines Parish, Tangipahoa Parish, Lafayette Parish as well as the rest of Louisiana.