Pick up Your Groceries at Calvin’s Bocage Market

April 20, 2016 | J. Price McNamara
Pick up Your Groceries at Calvin’s Bocage Market

From the high-quality selection of meats to local Louisiana fruits and vegetables, Calvin’s Bocage Market provides everything you need to stock up your kitchen with the best groceries. In the spirit of our pride in the locally-owned and operated businesses here in Baton Rouge, LA, we want to continue our blogs dedicated to showcasing the best small businesses with a look at Calvin’s Market. With two decades of business, it’s no surprise that this grocery store is a go-to business in the area. Personal injury attorney, J. Price McNamara shares more about this independent grocery store with a brief overview of Calvin’s Market and all of the wonderful aspects of this local small business.

Calvin’s Market: The Go-To Grocery Store in Baton Rouge

So, why should you choose Calvin’s Market over your run-of-the-mill grocery store? One major component of this local grocery market is the care they put into their work. The owners of this independent grocery store, the members of the Lindsly family, truly pride themselves on the excellent service and products they provide for us here in Baton Rouge. Since 1996, this local grocery store has aimed to carry the best produce, meats, fruits, liquor, deli items, and more. On top of the high-quality products you’ll find at Calvin’s, you’ll also notice a comfort and friendliness that you won’t find at a corporate-owned store. This family-operated store continues to live up to their reputation for superior service. Employees at Calvin’s Market are always more than happy to help you with all of your needs to ensure you have a great experience at the store. The owner, Calvin Lindsly, even started as a bag boy at the Bocage Market when he was 16 years-old until he eventually became the store manager and purchased the business in 1996, Thus, the local market transformed from Bocage Supermarket into Calvin’s Bocage Market. Calvin’s long history at the market has helped him transform the market into the success that it is today. Calvin has even said that many of the customers have seen him grow up and he can recall about 80% of the customers by name. This local market is particularly known for their chicken salad. Calvin created the popular recipe with cookbook author, Chet Beckworth back in 1995. They continued to perfect their recipe and finalized this delicious creation in 1996. Since then, it has only grown in popularity and is now a locally famous staple. This delicious chicken salad even landed more buzz when actress, Elizabeth Banks tweeted about it a few years back. Whether it’s their famous chicken salad or friendly atmosphere for customers, we highly recommend you check this local grocery store out. You can find Calvin’s Market at 7675 Jefferson Highway, which is not too far away from another featured local business, Portobello’s Grill. For more information about this local market, visit the Calvin’s Bocage Market website.

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