9 Great Tips For Maximizing Summer Savings

May 12, 2016 | J. Price McNamara
9 Great Tips For Maximizing Summer Savings

As summer quickly comes upon us, many of us will be tempted to spend more than we should. Some of us will spend cash on wonderful beach trips, others will splurge on pricey hotels, and still others will spend more than they should on warm weather clothes and shoes. Spending experts would like us to know that summer doesn’t need to break your budget. Here are some great summer savings ideas to live frugally during the warmer months.

  1. Buy produce in bulk. For some parts of the country, fresh foods come at a hefty price. However, for most of the country, the summer season means an abundance of locally grown fruit and vegetables. To keep your spending to a minimum, we suggest you consider signing up for a community-supported agriculture program or check out your local farmer’s markets. Most cities have at least one of these markets that specialize in locally grown fruits, veggies, and other products.
  2. Choose generic products. Experts suggest that consumers buying store-brand items instead of pricier labels when you’re shopping for everyday goods. This will allow you to keep your spending to a minimum. Try Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s where the store label is usually less expensive.
  3. Purchase appliances and large ticket items in the summer. It is a little-known fact that retailers mark down big-ticket appliances like refrigerators during the warmer months. Other well-priced items are indoor furniture, home goods, and cookware. Buying these items in the summer instead of the colder months could save you up to fifty percent or more! Take a look online before you hit the stores and make a list. Many major retailers will price match if you find a cheaper price elsewhere.
  4. Try a thrift store. When the warmer weather comes, many of us start eying a new wardrobe. If this is you, we suggest you consider visiting the local thrift store before perusing the more expensive department stores. Spring clear outs of our closets can mean an influx of high-quality items at secondhand shops. So try the thrift store to pick up newer and designer labels at and discounted prices. You can also try a consignment shop for more expensive items at deeply discounted prices.
  5. Reduce gas costs. For ways to cut back on this major household expenses, we suggest drivers look for chances to carpool to events or try public transportation. If you absolutely must use your own car, then make sure the tires are properly inflated and the engine is running efficiently. Emptying out your trunk can also make for a lighter car which can help cut your gas needs.
  6. Try growing some of your own food. Yummy summer recipes can save you some cash if you grow some of your own produce. Try starting a small garden in your own backyard and plant seeds for some summer fruit, herbs, or veggies. You can also visit your local gardening store for ideas and tips on the proper things to plant during the summer months.
  7. Use online tools for summer travel. Travel experts suggest that spenders try online comparison tools and travel websites before buying a pricier plane ticket, car rental, or hotel rooms this summer. Check out Venere, Airbnb, Jetsetter and CheapOair for great coupons and amazing discounts for last-minute or bargain-loving travelers.
  8. Choose a cheaper workout. Warm weather draws many of us outside for outdoor workouts. Check out the discounted prices sometimes offered by gyms in the summer months. You can sometimes even score special rates that are only available in the warmer months.
  9. Clean out storage spaces in your home. You may have put off spring cleaning or delayed the inevitable summer garage clean out, but it is never too late to clean out your basement, unclutter garage, and reduce junk in areas that tend to collect old items. Try scheduling a garage sale to earn some extra spending money cash, or sell more valuable items on popular sites like eBay.

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