NFL Concussion Settlement Granted Preliminary Approval

July 8, 2014 | J. Price McNamara
NFL Concussion Settlement Granted Preliminary Approval

On Monday a federal judge granted preliminary approval to a proposed class-action settlement for NFL concussion lawsuits filed by over 4,500 former league players. U.S. District Judge Anita Brody previously questioned whether the proposed $675 million cap on damages would be sufficient to satisfy all claims, and the NFL subsequently agreed to remove the cap. The proposed settlement is supposed to last for 65 years and is designed to cover league retirees who develop neuroligical problems such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and other neuro-cognitive maladies as a result of their NFL careers. The funds are also in place to compensate those players who are currently healthy but who could develop symptoms many years or even decades later. The terms of the original proposed settlement included the sum of $675 million to compensate those players with neurological symptoms, $75 million for testing, $10 million for medical research and education, and $112 million to the player's legal representation for a grand total of $870 million. The new terms of the proposed settlement removes the cap on damages but allows for a payout formula that takes into account the age and illness of claimants. For example, a younger retiree (under 45 years of age) with ALS would be entitled to a maximum $5 million, while a claimant with Alzheimer's disease at age 50 would be entitled to $1.6 million. Pending final approval, this landmark settlement will pave the way for all former NFL players retired at the time of the preliminary approval to receive compensation for their injuries. Eligible players will be notified in the coming months of the terms of the settlement and their legal rights to either pursue or forego their lawsuits.

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