New Orleans Man Killed in Hit-And-Run Auto Accident on I-10

December 19, 2011 | J. Price McNamara
New Orleans Man Killed in Hit-And-Run Auto Accident on I-10

A local barber was killed Friday morning after his vehicle burst into flames in a hit-and-run accident on Interstate 10 in New Orleans. 48-year-old Mitchell Baptiste was killed when his car spun out of control, hit a pole, and became engulfed in flames after a black Nissan with tinted windows and a large Fleur de lis on the back window struck Baptiste from behind. According to witnesses, the Nissan left the scene as they unsuccessfully attempted to save Baptiste. As a result of the accident, the interstate was closed in both directions for several hours. New Orleans police are currently seeking any information related to the vehicle and driver involved in the crash. Baptiste's was the second death in his family last week. His mother died from heart complications on Tuesday. He was headed to the airport Friday to retrieve his older brother, Stephen, who flew to New Orleans for the funeral. When Stephen couldn't reach Baptiste on the telephone, he took a cab to his salon. The ride lasted nearly an hour due to traffic. After Stephen learned the interstate was closed, he was concerned Baptiste might be stuck in traffic on the way to the airport. Eventually, he learned his brother was a victim in the fatal accident. Americans spend countless hours in their cars each week and motor vehicle accidents are an unfortunate fact of life. In fact, motor vehicle collisions are the cause of most personal injury claims filed each year. Auto collisions may be caused by a variety of factors including inattentive, impaired or reckless drivers, motor vehicle defects, and hazardous road conditions. An automobile accident can range in severity from a minor fender bender to a fatal crash. Injured drivers and passengers may be entitled to receive monetary damages for past and future medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of income, loss of enjoyment of life, disability, and wrongful death. Regardless of the severity of injuries, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you evaluate your claims. If you or a loved one was injured in a motor vehicle accident due to another person's negligence, an experienced car accident lawyer can help. J. Price McNamara, a New Orleans personal injury attorney, understands the uncertainty and pain which follows an automobile accident. He has the skills necessary to help you recover any damages you are entitled to according to Louisiana law. J. Price McNamara handles car accident and other personal injury cases across Louisiana including Baton Rouge, Metairie, New Orleans, Lafayette, and Mandeville. To schedule a free initial consultation, you may contact him through his website or call him today at (866) 248-0580.

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