Innocent Glitter-Bombing Could Be A Crime

February 11, 2015 | J. Price McNamara
Innocent Glitter-Bombing Could Be A Crime

You may have heard about glitter bombing in recent news. During the last few years a number of cases have popped up with charges being filed for the seemingly innocent action. In one incident, the defendant is accused of trashing her boss' office with glitter, silly string and toilet paper. Personal photos, articles of clothing, computers, a scanner and printer were also damaged during the incident. It may have all seemed like an innocent prank, intended only create laughs. However, such incidences can be damaging. The 25-year-old woman responsible for the damage in the above case was charged with vandalism, breaking and entering and criminal damaging. Another case occurred when a college student glitter bombed a fellow student in a dormitory. The incident occurred after classes and resulted in damage to the students eyes and mucus membranes. A lawsuit also resulted from this incident. One of the most famous cases of glitter bombing happened in 2012, when University of Colorado-Boulder student Peter Smith glitter bombed presidential candidate Mitt Romney at a Colorado campaign event. For his part in the incident, Smith faced up to six months in jail and a fine of $1000. For prosecutors and criminal attorneys, glitter bombing is an interesting new development in recent legal proceedings. Many people can guess what happens when someone gets glitter bombed and may even laugh at the ramifications. But, glitter bombing is increasingly becoming a punishable crime as perpetrators have began throwing glitter on people at public events, political rallies and as a means of revenge on people they know. Motivations behind glitter bombing are typically non-violent, but glitter bombers need to be aware that their means of protest is potentially a punishable criminal or civil action. Moreover, some legal officials argue glitter bombing is technically assault and battery. Yes, the glitter seems innocuous, but it can enter the eyes or nose, cause damage to the cornea, injure soft tissues, irritate eyes and nose or lead to infection. Glitter can also damage expensive equipment like computers and cameras. When someone is injured or property is damaged, this can result in charges being filed and the person behind the glitter bombing could be held responsible. In fact, victims are now filing lawsuits or insisting that charges be filed in cases where glitter was the weapon of choice. So before you take up the glitter gun or pouch or think about doing a bit of glitter bombing for fun, you should be aware of the facts and dangers. Yes, it may seem funny and innocent, but it is increasingly being viewed and a crime that could result in jail time and fines. Additionally, there is the danger that you could injure someone significantly and find yourself in a lawsuit for monetary damages. Don't get caught up in the trend, avoid glitter bombing.

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