How Does Louisiana Compare With National Worker’s Compensation Benefits?

March 24, 2015 | J. Price McNamara
How Does Louisiana Compare With National Worker’s Compensation Benefits?

Louisiana is one of the states that pays the least for serious injuries suffered while on the job. Although it may sound gruesome, every state has an exact schedule of benefits that lists the amount of compensation worker’s comp insurers will pay for lost body parts. The numbers vary from state to state. One example of this is a lost arm while working is worth approximately $400,000 in Illinois but just $48,000 in the state of Alabama. The good news is that Louisiana does not have the lowest worker's compensation numbers. However, it bears the negative distinction of being far below the national average. According to national reports, Louisiana paid less than the national compensation average for all but one of 13 body parts. The national average compensation for the loss of a foot is $91,779, but is only $78,750 in Louisiana. In Hawaii, a workers can be compensated $161,130 for a foot and in Alabama they receive $48,840. In Louisiana, the loss of a hand entitles workers to $94,500, compared with the national average of $144,930. A lost arm is worth $126,000 in Louisiana, as compared to the national average of $169,878. The loss of an eye will get you an average of $63,000 in worker's compensation in Louisiana, while the national average is $96,700. The importance of workers’ compensation is that laws require employers to buy insurance that covers medical bills and partial wages until they can return to work. Alternatively, it provides payment of lost wages if the injuries prevent the worker from being able to work again. Permanently disabled workers receive Social Security from the federal government. According to researchers, one of the reasons for low compensation in many states is that legislatures capped amounts of wages lost more than 20 years ago, when overall average wages were lower. And many of these states have prevented change to their policies because they want to attract industry and remain competitive in national markets. What quickly becomes apparent is that many of the states researched had not updated worker's compensation numbers in many years. A comprehensive update for Louisiana and many other states is necessary to compensate for inflation.

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