Trust the Best at Helouin Veterinary Hospital

May 27, 2016 | J. Price McNamara
Trust the Best at Helouin Veterinary Hospital If your family is anything like mine, your pet is an important part of your household. Keeping your pet as happy and healthy as possible requires a vet that you can trust. And let’s face it, it can be hard to find a good vet that you trust to take the best care of your furbabies. In the Baton Rouge area, there’s one local animal hospital that is passionate about keeping your pet healthy. Founded in 1976, Helouin Veterinary hospital is dedicated to our community’s pets. They not only use their knowledge and experience to provide exceptional vet care, they also take the time to educate you. They want you to have the knowledge and tools to keep your pet healthy at home. Their number one mission is to make sure that you’re happy with their care. They’re not afraid to put in extra work to ensure your pet is safe, healthy, and reaching their optimal well-being. Not to mention, their staff always greets you and your pet with a smiles on their face.

About Helouin Vet Hospital

Helouin Vet Hospital is a full-service vet, so you don’t have to outsource your pets needs at other veterinary clinics. They offer around the clock care, but make sure you call ahead for emergency services. Their treatments are practically priced, so you don’t have to worry about a trip to the vet breaking your piggy bank. Whether you have a dog or cat, they understand different breeds and will educate you about the best food and exercise regime for your animal. Before performing any treatments or assessments on your animals, they make sure that you’re 100% confident and knowledgable about what’s being performed and why. They also offer onsite surgery and medicine, as well as grooming and supplies. Thee staff at Helouin Vet Hospital always presents accurate knowledge, so you don’t have to worry about false diagnosis or inaccurate treatments. Your pet’s health is of the utmost importance, and that shines through in the way that the staff treats you and your animal. In the unfortunate circumstance that your pet needs to start medication, you can get your pet’s medication directly from Helouin Vet Hospital. They’re always professional and compassionate. Dr. Carl and Dr. Brent treat your animals as if they’re a part of their own family. They get down on your pet’s level, and they make sure your pet is comfortable through their treatments. Whether you have a high-energy troublemaker or an old lab, the staff here is gentle and caring with every type of animal. They’ll even help take care of large animals, like horses. Are you planning a trip to go out of town? One of the biggest responsibilities of owning a pet is finding a sitter when you leave town. Helouin Animal Hospital offers boarding for every cat or dog, large and small. Their boarding rooms are climate controlled, and they’re always supervised. This way, you can relax and enjoy your time out of town. You won’t have to worry that your pet isn’t being tended to or given enough love. In their office, they offer a full-line of food and supplies to help you find the right food for your pet. Especially if your pet suffers from dietary restrictions. Beyond the way they treat your pets, they also take the time to get to know you as pet owners. They go the extra step to remember your face and name, and know your pets on a personal level. When it comes to choosing a vet, try a compassionate local animal hospital, instead of a faceless franchise.
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J. Price McNamara


Losing my own brother, then my father and sister after long, disabling illnesses just a few months apart drove a career change for me. Before that experience, I never truly understood the place you’re in. I never understood the dramatic impact that receiving (or not receiving) the disability and life insurance benefits you paid for and counted on can have on your life especially when you need to focus on family and healing. What I experienced with my own family now drives the way I view my clients and my work, and I will never forget it!

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