Disability Insurers Intentionally Design Their Claim Process to Lead Physicians Down a Path to Claim Denial

The truth is, The insurance company wants you confused and exhausted by their claim process. 

Their denial letter tells you that under “ERISA law” you can “appeal.” But they obviously don’t want to pay your benefits, so they give you no guidance on HOW to appeal with any chance of winning. And at issue is a substantial sum of money.

So you wonder: How long should an appeal be? What should I say? What traps should I avoid? What additional records, expert reports, witness statements or other evidence will help me win? Do I even have a chance of recovering my benefits? 

The good news is, you can still win the insurance benefits you paid for to protect your livelihood and your family despite receiving a denial letter. The LAW, not the insurance company, has the last word. 

Every unique claim has a unique best path for best chances to recover benefits and financial security for your family. 

But there are also paths to avoid – the paths where your insurance company intentionally tries to lead you, likely resulting in permanent loss of those benefits. 

Our goal here is to eliminate the anxiety and exhaustion that comes from uncertainty, and to guide you to your best path to the benefits you paid for without making common mistakes.