At-Fault Driver Found in Dual Trucking Accident

October 22, 2014 | J. Price McNamara
At-Fault Driver Found in Dual Trucking Accident

Freight truckers, otherwise known as the 18-wheelers, can be some of the most careful drivers on the road. But even the most careful drivers can get into an accident. Sometimes they are caused by brake malfunctions due to a decline in proper maintenance, or sudden turns can cause the truck to “jackknife.” The most common cause of trucking accidents is roll-overs, which are usually caused by any manner of mechanical malfunction. There are also cases of driver error, whether they were at-fault or not – under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medicines, lack of sleep and long hours. But true to the “innocent until proven guilty” perspective, not all 18-wheeler drivers are immediately at fault when an accident occurs. Earlier this month near Clinton, a short distance from Baton Rouge, LA, two 18-wheelers collided while trying to avoid a John Deere tractor on the highway. The tractor drove away from the scene, leaving one truck driver uninjured and the other to be airlifted to the nearest hospital for injuries.

Painting a Picture

It’s one of the greater fears that drivers face – to be involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler. Due to their sheer size and mass, an accident with a freight truck can be catastrophic, causing potentially fatal injuries and hours of clean-up. Even more time-consuming is the aftermath and uncovering who was at-fault. Thankfully in this case, the story was clarified fairly quickly through both drivers and the police investigation. Shortly before 7:45 p.m. that evening, the two veteran truck drivers named Hardy Williams and Lacey David, each driving a separate truck, were cruising down Highway 67. A farm tractor was traveling on the highway, and when the trucks were quickly approaching the slow-moving tractor, both drivers took evasive measures and accidentally collided with each other. As a result of the collision, each driver’s cargo was spilled onto the highway in a mess of diesel fuel and logs. The perpetrator was Edward Delee, who was driving the tractor without any lights on. This may well have caused the two truck drivers to act so evasively, as they may not have seen the tractor until the final moment. Delee has been arrested and charged with Hit-and-Run Driving, among other charges. Regardless of who the at-fault driver was, it’s crucial to start gathering the evidence. Trucking companies begin this investigative process immediately, and we encourage any civilian drivers involved to consult with us as soon as possible as well. Though the investigation is still pending, it’s worth admiring the speed at which the evidence was gathered. With the help of the truck drivers’ testimony, as well as witness accounts, the police were quickly able to assess the situation and track down the driver at-fault.

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