All About Hit And Run Accidents

April 29, 2015 | J. Price McNamara
All About Hit And Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents can be traumatic, particularly if there are injuries involved. Such cases can be complicated and hard to recover from. However, you should know that even if you were unable to get details about the driver, you may still be able to get compensation for your injuries. At J. Price McNamara, we want Baton Rouge residents to know that if they were involved in a hit and run accident, we might be able to help. Here is some important information:

What is a Hit and Run Accident?

A hit and run is defined as an incident where a driver causes an accident or injury and intentionally leaves the scene without providing contact or identifying information. Here are some examples of hit and run accidents: · A driver hits a pedestrian and fails to stop and offer assistance to the injured person. · A driver crashes into your car and then flees the scene. · Another driver hits your parked car and leaves no contact information. In many states, leaving the scene of such an accident (regardless of whether injuries are involved) is a misdemeanor. However, if a driver leaves the scene of an accident where personal injury was involved they may face serious criminal charges.

Getting Compensation For Your Injuries

If the police are able to identify the driver responsible for your accident, and that person has a valid insurance policy, you may bring a personal injury claim against him. If the driver was not insured or you could not identify the person who hit you, all is not lost. Other coverage such as personal injury protection, medical payments and collision may cover your injuries and damage to your car. In most states, the uninsured motorist provision in your coverage will usually pay for your medical expenses and sometimes, damage to your car as well. However, the state of Louisiana will not allow uninsured motorist coverage to be used for damages from a hit and run. If you have been involved in a hit and run accident and you questions about recovery or insurance coverage, the best place to start is with your insurance carrier. Next, it is important to gather your insurance information and contact an experienced attorney.

Call J. Price McNamara For Help With Your Case

If you or a loved one are dealing with an injury from a hit and run accident, you need an experienced attorney who knows how to deal with these types of cases. Only an attorney with knowledge of the appropriate laws can help you get you the outcome you deserve for your case. J. Price McNamara has been practicing law in Louisiana for many years and has handled many cases just like yours. With a wealth of knowledge and respect from both the legal and surrounding community, J. Price McNamara can provide the legal representation that you need to get compensation for your injuries. Call us today to schedule your free case review and get an experienced attorney on your side. The law may limit the time you have to file your case, so don’t wait! Call us now.
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