Texas Long-Term Disability Insurance Lawyer

Long-term disability insurance is supposed to provide you with a sense of security since you know that assistance is available if you suffer a disability and become unable to work. Unfortunately, insurance policies that are supposed to provide peace of mind often end up providing frustration and heartache. Insurance companies that provide long-term disability coverage frequently try to keep costs low by denying claims, even if a beneficiary qualifies under their policy.

So, if you are struggling with a long-term disability claim, it could be very helpful to work with a Texas long-term disability insurance lawyer. Whether you are just starting the claims process or seeking to appeal a denial of coverage, an insurance attorney who understands long-term disability claims could help you work toward your goal of a positive resolution.

The Complexity of Long-Term Disability Benefits Sources

One reason the process of obtaining long-term disability benefits can be so complicated is that these benefits may be provided by different sources, and the standards for qualifying and methods of proving qualifications are often quite different. Moreover, the procedures for filing claims and appealing denials may also differ significantly between various policies.

Depending on the situation, long-term disability benefits may be available from the Social Security Administration, a private insurer, or an employer. Certain benefits may also be affected by provisions of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) or Texas workers’ compensation laws. As such, it is important for those seeking benefits to understand their options for benefits and how to qualify under different rules.

The Benefits of Working with a Skilled Lawyer

Many people only think of calling a lawyer if they are considering filing a lawsuit in court. However, a long-term disability insurance attorney in Texas could provide assistance at many stages of the application and appeal processes.

To begin with, a knowledgeable lawyer could assist with analyzing the terms of coverage to determine whether a particular situation should be covered, as well as the types of benefits that should be available. A Texas long-term disability insurance lawyer could also help with filing an initial claim, including collecting and providing evidence to support disability claims.

If an insurer denies a claim for benefits, insurance attorneys could work with claimants to file administrative appeals and, if necessary, appeals to federal court. They could furthermore assist with negotiating settlements, including situations where claimants request repayment of long-term disability benefits. Finally, a lawyer could work to ensure that benefits are provided in a timely fashion in the correct amounts and that they are not canceled prematurely.

Work with an Experienced Texas Long-Term Disability Insurance Attorney

When someone in Texas files a claim for long-term disability benefits, those benefits are typically needed to keep their household functioning. Given their significance and importance to injured workers, long-term disability insurance claims should not be routinely denied just to keep costs low, but unfortunately, it has become common practice.

Fortunately, provisions of Texas and federal law provide means for those denied benefits to appeal their denial and demonstrate their qualifications, so that they can obtain the full amount of benefits to which they are entitled under a particular plan. To learn how a Texas long-term disability insurance lawyer could assist in your unique situation, call today to set up an initial consultation.

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