New Orleans Nursing Home Sued for Withholding Stroke Victim’s Medication


Last week, a lawsuit was filed in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court against a New Orleans nursing home in connection with a resident’s death.

The decedent, Milton Aucoin, suffered a stroke a few weeks prior to his death and was released to Chateau De Notre Dame for long term care. According to his family, the facility failed to provide Aucoin with a doctor prescribed blood thinner and other medications for more than two days. They also state blood thinning medicine was required to prevent Aucoin from experiencing any additional strokes.

The lawsuit claims Aucoin experienced another stroke and died ten days later as a direct result of Chateau De Notre Dame’s failure to administer his medications. Aucoin’s family also alleges in their lawsuit a survey performed by the Louisiana Department of Health and Human Services revealed the nursing home has a history of unacceptable medication error rates dating back to at least 2007. Aucoin’s family is seeking damages for a variety of failures by the long-term care facility including a failure to be free from medication errors, to manage care properly, to obtain necessary lifesaving medicines, to provide alternative measures, and improper and untimely treatment.

Nursing home liability cases generally arise after the elderly, disabled or infirm are injured or die as a result of negligence or other mistreatment while in a nursing home, hospital, or assisted living facility. Most nursing home abuse cases result from negligence on the part of the care facility, but they also may arise from a facility’s failure to provide adequate medical care or food, a failure to administer the correct medications, sexual or physical abuse, and emotional distress.

Care facility abuse and negligence cases often result from improperly trained or unqualified staff and signs of nursing home abuse are not always easy to identify. Signs may include a loss of appetite, depression, increased accidents, bedsores, bruises, and broken bones. An abused care facility resident may also complain to friends and loved ones about the treatment they receive. Any compliant regarding nursing home abuse or neglect should always be taken seriously.

Unfortunately, some residents may not be capable of alerting their family to mistreatment by a care facility. If you believe a friend or loved one might be a victim of nursing home abuse, it is always a good idea to report your concerns. Contact a qualified Louisiana nursing home liability lawyer to help you protect your loved one’s rights.

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New Orleans Long-Term Care Facility Sued Over Patient’s Suffocation Death


A New Orleans long-term care facility is being sued in Orleans Parish Civil District Court for negligence related to the suffocation death of a resident. Mary E. Jacob was found dead outside of Dear’s Serenity House in New Orleans on New Year’s Day 2011. Jacob, who was purportedly totally disabled as a result of a congenital brain disorder, died of asphyxiation from a plastic bag found lodged in her mouth. The lawsuit alleges the care facility was aware Jacob required round the clock supervision and care but instead its employees neglected her.

In the complaint, Jacob’s legal representative accused Dear’s Serenity House of failing to maintain proper housekeeping, failing to properly supervise Jacob, and failing to provide her with sufficient emergency care and adequately render first aid. The lawsuit seeks damages for Jacob’s conscious pain and suffering, wrongful death, and lawyer’s fees. Although the case was filed by Jacob’s legal representative, any recovery would go to her son.

Nursing home, hospital, or assisted living facility abuse occurs when the elderly or disabled are injured or die as a result of negligence or other mistreatment in a care facility. Most care facility liability cases are the product of negligence, but they may also be the result of physical or sexual abuse, a failure to provide adequate food or medical care, the administration of incorrect medication, and emotional distress. Often, care facility abuse results from unqualified or improperly trained staff.

Signs of nursing home or long-term care facility abuse may be difficult to detect. Depression, loss of appetite, bruises, broken bones, accidents, bed sores, and missing personal items may all be signs of abuse. An abused resident may also complain of mistreatment to loved ones. In order to safeguard the rights of the elderly and disabled, it is essential to take such complaints seriously.

If you believe a loved one or other person close to you may be the victim of abuse at the hands of a facility tasked with their care, it is important to report your suspicions. An experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney may also be able to help you defend their rights.

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