H.S. Football Head Injury Incident Nets $1 Million

helmetAccording to local newspapers, a jury recently found a local Iowa school negligent for how it handled a football player’s possible head injuries. The jury awarded approximately $140,000 in medical expenses and $850,000 in damages for “pain and suffering, loss of mind and body, and loss of future earnings”.

Court documents stated that Bedford (Iowa) High School freshman Kacey Strough told his coach that teammates were throwing footballs at his head during the 2012 football season. Evidently, the teammates continued, even after Strough asked them to stop. The coach reportedly did nothing about the incident.

A lawsuit was then filed in 2013, claiming that Strough sustained head injuries as a result of the incident. With the facts in mind, the jury determined that the school must pay close to $1 million in damages and medical fees. This is particularly important because this was the largest payout in a high school head injury case. Consequently, legal experts are watching similar cases and keeping their eyes on sports where injuries to the head have caused significant damage.

Reportedly, both the school administration and the nurse knew about Strough’s condition, but failed to tell the coaches that he was more susceptible to a potential head injury. Many states now require coaches and officials must remove athletes from the field at the first possible sign of a head injury. Iowa state passed a similar law in 2011 which dictated that athletes are not allowed to return until being evaluated and cleared by a licensed medical professional. Strough was never removed from the field of play.

In most instances, being hit in the head with a ball would not necessarily cause significant injury for high school athletes. However, Strough was a unique case because he has a rare condition called cavernous malformation. The condition disrupts normal blood flow and can leave individuals more susceptible to brain injury.

After the primary incident, Strough began showing signs of serious brain trauma including; partial paralysis, slurred speech and severe headaches. The student underwent surgery to remove a blood clot near his brainstem. The lawsuit claimed the clot was directly related to the incident and made worse by the failure of his coach to take him out of the game.

At present, Strough uses a wheelchair and has permanent brain damage. It appears that he has a long road of recovery ahead if he recovers at all.

The case originally focused on the administration’s failure to respond when Strough reported being bullied. It was later amended to focus on the failure to comply with the 2011 concussion and head injury law.

This case officially goes down as a jury holding a school responsible for failing to protect an athlete who sustained a head injury. However, the case could potentially open major legal doors for athletes in Louisiana and other states where head injuries have caused major problems for athletes from the high school level through the professional leagues.

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11 Former NFL Players Sue in New Orleans Over Concussion Risks


585059_football_1_sxchu-thumb-225x168-3632211 former professional football players have filed a class-action lawsuit in New Orleans federal court against the National Football League (NFL) and football helmet manufacturer Riddell, Inc. The lawsuit alleges that the NFL failed to sufficiently protect football players from concussions and the related risks associated with head injuries. All 11 plaintiffs currently reside in Louisiana and several, including John Fourcade, played for the New Orleans Saints. Other plaintiffs include Tyrone Hughes, Keaton Cromartie, Eric Hill, Curtis Baham, Treverance Faulk, Raion Hill, Maurice Hurst, Keaton Cromartie, Charles Commiskey, Vince Buck, and Tyrone Legette.

Each plaintiff has reportedly suffered physical or mental problems associated with concussions they allegedly sustained while playing professional football in the NFL. The lawsuit claims that the NFL ignored medical evidence directly linking player concussions with traumatic brain injuries. The players also claim the NFL sought to conceal head injury risks to protect their multi-billion dollar enterprise. According to the players’ suit, Congress also expressed concern over the way the NFL has handled concussion injury risks.

According to a study conducted in 2000, approximately 60 percent of NFL players surveyed reportedly suffered at least one concussion on the field. 26 percent of the 1,000 players surveyed suffered from at least three concussions. The players who reported receiving a concussion claimed to have experienced more frequent headaches, difficulty with memory and concentration, and additional neurological problems.

Similar recent lawsuits have accused the NFL of choosing to ignore the link between concussions and brain disease. Most of the lawsuits, initially filed in a variety of courts throughout the country, have since been consolidated in a Philadelphia court. At least 30 additional former players are expected to file suit against the league in the near future. The NFL has stated it will defend itself vigorously in response to the lawsuits.

Because of the serious possible effects, any brain injury should always be taken seriously. Even a seemingly minor brain trauma can have a major impact on an individual’s long-term functioning. Any head injury can cause unexpected brain damage which may have an effect on thinking, emotions, language abilities, and sensory perception. In addition to the immediate impact of a head injury such as a concussion, any brain injury may also increase the risk for developing other brain conditions over time. If you or someone you love has suffered a traumatic brain injury, it is a good idea to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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Man Sues St. Charles Parish Over Traumatic Head Injury


A man allegedly injured in an automobile accident filed a federal lawsuit in New Orleans against St. Charles Parish, Vernon Joseph St. Pierre, Jr. in his capacity as President of St. Charles Parish, the St. Charles Parish Council, the State of Louisiana, and the United States Army Corps of Engineers. On February 14, 2011, Dustin Michael Schexnayder, Sr. was purportedly driving on a road through the Bonnet Carre Spillway. Schexnayder claims he sustained severe trauma to his head as well as other injuries when his car left the roadway and landed in a nearby drainage ditch.

According to Schexnayder’s lawsuit, the roadway failed to have a guard rail installed despite its proximity to a dangerous drop off. He accuses the defendants of several counts of negligence including failing to properly maintain the roadway, failing to install safety devices to protect drivers from the drop off, failing to properly mark the road, failing to install guard rails near drainage ditches, and failing to properly supervise the roadway. Schexnayder also claims the road’s condition at the time of his accident demonstrates defendants’ blatant neglect of their duty to maintain a safe road environment.

Schexnayder asked the New Orleans court to compensate him for his head trauma, physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, permanent disability, loss of income, medical expenses, and other damages. His mother also asked the court to award her damages for loss of love and affection, loss of consortium, court costs, and other damages.

A brain injury should always be taken seriously as its effect can range from mild to extremely severe. Even a minor trauma to the brain can have a significant impact on an individual’s long-term functioning. Brain damage from a head injury can affect thinking, language abilities, emotions, and sensory perception. Approximately two million Americans suffer some degree of brain trauma each year. Brain injuries can be devastating and life-altering. It is estimated that 5.3 million people in the United States require daily long-term care as a result of a traumatic brain injury. A brain injury may also increase the risk for developing other brain conditions over time.

Treatment of brain injuries can be extremely expensive as medical costs can easily exceed tens of thousands of dollars. If the victim of a traumatic brain injury requires daily care or assistance, treatment costs soar even higher. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury in an accident, you are advised to seek the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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