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Mississippi ERISA Lawyer

There are many state and federal insurance laws for different coverage types. Some are the same or quite similar, while others, such as ERISA are unique. Due to their unique nature, many benefit plan participants are unaware of their rights or that they even have rights regarding their insurance policies and how and when benefits are received.

If you feel like your rights are being violated or your claim has been illegitimately denied, you may benefit from the services of an experienced Mississippi ERISA lawyer. A well-established attorney could work with you to ensure your rights are protected so that you can receive the benefits you need.

Understanding the ERISA

The acronym ERISA stands for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. This complex law was enacted in 1974 to help protect those who get their benefits from their employer or another type of voluntary but non-governmental insurance carrier. Under ERISA rules and regulations, there are specific processes and timelines that applicants, plan administrators and insurance companies must follow.

Unfortunately, some insurance carriers and plan administrators do not honor the legal rights of participants under the law. When this happens, plan participants can choose to do nothing, they can try to enforce their rights on their own, or they can work with a Mississippi ERISA attorney to help with their ERISA case. Furthermore, people who choose to work with an attorney are usually more likely to have the most favorable outcome to their ERISA claims case.

Plan Participant Rights in Mississippi

Federal law gives ERISA plan participants various rights. One right is examining without cost plan documents that relate to the plans participated in. However, this must be done at the plan administrators office during normal business hours.

Another right is the right to request copies of such documentation. To do this, the plan participant must submit their request in writing to the plan administrator and may also have to pay for the cost of making and mailing the copies.

Subscribers also have rights to receive summaries of the plans financial reports annually free of charge. The plan’s administrator is required to provide a copy of these reports to each plan participant and they are free from discrimination for using their own benefits.

Finally, subscribers have rights to Appeal denied claims with the help of a Mississippi ERISA lawyer and file suit against the company or plan administrator in federal court if they so desire.

How a Mississippi ERISA Attorney Could Help

In any situation of conflict, especially one that could potentially cause you to lose a lot, it is good to have someone who can help you stand up for your rights. When it comes to ERISA claims, a Mississippi ERISA lawyer can be that person who helps you get the benefits you need and deserve.

An experienced ERISA lawyer is well-versed in ERISA laws and how they can be used to benefit plan participants such as you. They are not afraid to hold insurance companies accountable to state and federal laws as well as to you. Contact an attorney today to learn more about how they can help with ERISA claim.

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