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Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act

If you are ever injured in a worksite accident in Louisiana, or if you become ill with an occupation-related condition, Workers’ Compensation can help cover your expenses while you get the treatment and time off that you need.

Workers’ Compensation was introduced into law in 1911 in the state of Wisconsin. While all 50 states now have Workers’ Compensation laws, the details vary from state to state. It’s important to your Workers’ Compensation claim that you hire an experienced Louisiana workers’ compensation lawyer.

What Is the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act?

The Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act is a document that details the rules and regulations of Workers’ Compensation in the state of Louisiana.

Some of the issues covered in the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act include:

  • The rights and responsibilities of the employer and the employee
  • The claim filing process
  • Overview of the trial process
  • The method for calculating benefits

The Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act also explains the legal definitions of some common terms used in Workers’ Compensation cases, for example “employee”, “employer” and “work.” These terms may seem easily definable to the layperson, but they may be interpreted differently by the opposing parties and require clarification.

Like any legal document, the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act is best interpreted by a professional. If you have been injured in an on-the-job accident, your Louisiana personal injury attorney should be familiar with the state’s Workers’ Compensation laws.

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