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Louisiana Long-Term Work Injury Benefits

If you have been injured on the job in Louisiana, your Workers’ Compensation benefits can help you get the medical attention you need and ease the financial strain on you and your family. If you already had a pre-existing condition before the worksite accident, your Workers’ Compensation will not pay for the treatment of that medical condition unless you are able to prove that the accident had a direct impact on that pre-existing condition.

What do Workers’ Compensation benefits cover?

Workers’ Compensation benefits cover most medical treatments and procedures related to a Louisiana worksite accident. In some cases, it may also cover lost wages, disability benefits, rehabilitation, and more.

The goal of Workers’ Compensation benefits is to cover procedures that will help the injured worker to recover and become healthy and productive. In the event of a fatal Louisiana worksite accident, workers’ compensation can provide death benefits to the victim’s family.

Pre-Existing Conditions and Louisiana Worksite Accidents

Let’s say you already had a back injury from a degenerated disk or pinched nerve, and a worksite slip and fall accident has aggravated that condition. You can only seek Workers’ Compensation for the damages that are related directly to the worsening of the condition.

Likewise, if you were already suffering from a long-term illness, such as Hepatitis C, prior to a scaffolding fall at a Louisiana construction site, you should not expect Workers’ Compensation to cover the costs associated with treating your Hepatitis C. If the fall has caused complications in treating your disease, you can only pursue compensation for the complications that are directly related to your worksite accident.

Speaking with a Louisiana personal injury attorney who has experience with Workers’ Compensation cases can help you determine what you can and cannot expect in relation to injuries sustained in your Louisiana worksite accident. A lawyer can also help get you the Workers’ Compensation benefit package that you deserve if your claim settlement was unfair or denied.


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