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Louisiana Electrocution Accident Lawyer

Electrocution accidents are commonplace and can result in serious injuries. The effects of such accidents can range from the mild to the extreme depending on the nature of the accident. These can occur when people operate dangerous or defective equipment or if people are exposed to live wires. Not adhering to safety measures, power lines which are not insulated, or contact with high voltage power sources can instigate these sorts of occurrences.

If you or someone in your family have been victims of electrocution accidents caused by the negligence of someone else, then you can consult an experienced Louisiana workers’ compensation lawyer and discuss the legal options available to you.

Causes And Prevention

A large number of such electrocution accidents can occur right at home while the work place is yet another common accident zone. Construction site mishaps are usually caused by live wires, power lines, circuit breakers, and defective machinery or tools. These are usually caused due to a disregard for safety measures, or poor maintenance of equipment and the surrounding premises.

Electrocution accidents at home are caused largely by defective appliances such as microwaves, hair dryers, extension cords, electric outlets, and hot tubs. Such mishaps can also occur on someone else’s property due to faulty wiring or defective switches. In extraordinary circumstances, electrocution may occur as a result of some other accident such as a car crash or a slip and fall.

Effects Of Electrocution

Since an electrocution accident involves exposure to varying voltages of electricity, the injury caused will also differ accordingly. Burn injuries, cardiac arrest, neurological disorders, brain damage, loss of memory or cognitive skills, broken bones, and seizure disorders are all possible after electrocution. Recovery can be a traumatic and painful process which can involve hospitalization and therapy. In some cases death may also occur due to electrocution, especially if it involves elderly people or young children. The injured person may be kept under observation even after being discharged from the hospital.

Liability And Damages in Louisiana

In electrocution cases, negligence laws, worker’s compensation, products liability, and premises liability laws will all figure prominently. These laws are in place to ensure that the person responsible is made to pay for the tragedy or certainly unfortunate accident caused by their mistake or neglect. Worker’s compensation does cover medical expenses or funeral expenses, but can be less than actual expenses and has no provisions for punitive damages. Manufacturers of defective products and owners of the premises where the accident occurs can also be prosecuted depending upon the degree of fault.

Depending upon the circumstances under which you were hurt, you may be eligible to claim compensation under one or more of these provisions. A qualified attorney will be able to advise you on the merits of your particular case. Medical costs, rehabilitation expenses, loss of income, long term benefits in the event of permanent disability, and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering will all have to be calculated. There is a statute of limitation on personal injury cases, so you will need to act soon or accordingly after the accident.


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