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Witnesses for Louisiana Construction Site Accidents

As with any sort of legal case, witness statements and testimony are often the backbone of the entire personal injury lawsuit. But what happens when your construction site accident occurs when no one else is around? Your case isn’t a lost cause! An experienced Louisiana construction site accident attorney can help you document and assemble your case for compensation even without witnesses.

Keep Your Story Straight

In the event there were no witnesses to your construction site accident, you are the only person who can substantiate your claim. This means every time you are asked to recall the details of your accident, they should all match up when presented side by side. Any serious discrepancies between reports to insurance companies, doctors, and in court could raise question to the validity of your claim.

It’s important to keep careful notes regarding your construction site accident, your injuries, and any ongoing suffering you experience from the accident. The more you document the early stages of your accident, the better, as it can serve as a refresher when questioned about the construction site accident later. Memories fade over time—even for something as life-changing as an accident—and you might be surprised at how easy it is to confuse the order of events or forget the circumstances of your accident which at one time seemed so crystal-clear.

How a Louisiana Construction Site Accident Attorney Can Help

The absence of a witness to your construction site accident doesn’t mean your chances of winning your claim are gone. Thousands of construction site accident claims have been won by the plaintiff even without witness because they had a well-prepared case, something that a Louisiana construction site accident attorney can help you accomplish.

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