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Louisiana Third-Party Liability in Construction Site Accidents

In some Workers’ Compensation complaints from Louisiana construction site accidents, it’s simply a matter of employee versus employer. However, in many cases there are third parties that can be held liable for your injuries in addition to your employer.

Pursuing a third-party liability claim against these additional persons or companies can substantially increase the compensation you can receive to help with your medical bills and other accident-related expenses beyond what Workers’ Compensation can offer.

For help in discovering third-party liability, as well as handling your Louisiana construction accident claim, you should turn to a Louisiana construction accident lawyer.

Who can be held responsible for third-party liability?

A third-party liability claim is brought against any person or company who contributed either directly or indirectly to your Louisiana construction accident injury. For example, if you were wearing goggles with a defective strap and they fell off when you were struck in the head, causing you to suffer damage to your eyes, the manufacturer of the goggles would be susceptible to third-party liability.

Vendors and other outside contractors are also common defendants in third-party liability claims, but of course the person or persons liable will depend entirely on your specific accident.

As an injured worker, you are entitled to seek damages through Workers’ Compensation as well as a liable third party. This can drastically increase your chances of getting the full amount of compensation you need for your medical bills and related expenses, which Workers’ Compensation alone may not cover.

Contacting a Louisiana Construction Accident Lawyer

Claiming third-party liability is a complicated process as it involves proving that the third party contributed in some way to your Louisiana construction accident. For help in discovering responsible third parties and building your case, an experienced Louisiana construction accident lawyer like those at the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara can help.

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