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Louisiana Crane Accidents Lawyer

As a construction worker, you already are engaged in a relatively risky occupation and you have the right to be protected from the additional workplace hazards to which you are exposed. On construction sites with cranes, the danger of a Louisiana construction site injury increases due to the large size and weight of the equipment and its cargo.

You should be aware of the dangers associated with cranes and falling debris and your employers’ responsibility to provide protection against those hazards. If you are injured and have concerns about the insurance company’s settlement, you should consider hiring a Louisiana construction site accident attorney to help file a personal injury claim for your crane accident.

Common Crane Accidents at Construction Sites

Cranes range in sizes from small, self-propelled units, to towering rigs that must be transported in and installed at the site. Because many factors play into the safe operation of a crane, there are many chances for a crane accident to happen, including:

  • overloading;
  • arm collapse;
  • unstable cargo loads;
  • snapping cables;
  • swing radius;
  • operator error; and
  • equipment malfunction.

Even well-maintained cranes can unexpectedly experience a malfunction or cause injury if operated in an improperly designated area. As with any construction site, you are at risk for injury when the proper safety measures are not followed.

Louisiana Construction Site Regulations

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration regulates the safety of hazardous workplaces, such as construction sites, with very specific guidelines. If you have suffered a Louisiana construction site injury from a crane accident—such as suffering a head injury after being struck by falling debris—you should notify your employer immediately so a Workers’ Compensation claim can be filed. Keep a record of your injuries and doctor visits and follow through with all doctors’ instructions for recovery.

In some cases, Workers’ Compensation and the insurance settlements will not be enough to cover the expenses that come with a construction site injury from a crane accident. If you receive a settlement from the Workers’ Compensation claim and it isn’t enough to cover your medical bills and lost wages, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against a liable third-party to recover your full damages.

Contacting a Louisiana Crane Accidents Lawyer

The injuries you sustained in your crane accident can cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost wages, and undue stress. Because of the impact it has had on your current life and your future, you are entitled to a settlement to compensate for your current and future damages.

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