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Common Construction Site Accidents in Louisiana

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous workplaces to be in, both for the workers and for passersby. Construction site injuries can be life-changing, sometimes fatal, occurrences that leave your family in need of support. A Louisiana construction accident attorney can help examine your case and determine if a Louisiana personal injury lawsuit needs to be filed.

Construction Injuries from Equipment

Heavy machinery, high speed equipment and sharp blades are just a few of the hazards of working on a construction site. With so many moving parts and distractions, construction site injuries seem almost inevitable. Equipment injuries can be caused either by operator error or equipment malfunction.

Equipment operating with electrical charges or with high heat outputs can result in severe burns or electrocution. Sharp blades can lead to lacerations or severed digits or limbs. Heavy machinery can roll over a worker, causing crushed extremities.

Most construction sites provide safety measures for loud noise areas, but improper gear or unexpected crashes could cause hearing damage. Even some injuries that may initially seem minor can become chronic conditions that worsen with time with or without immediate treatment so it is vital to always seek medical attention and follow-up on any injuries that occur on a construction site.

Construction Injuries from Debris

Hard hats can only protect you from so much, and while they offer some protection from a falling wrench, they’ll do little to stop a 2-ton steel beam. Falling debris is one of the leading causes of construction site injuries.

Improperly secured loads, unstable scaffolding and carelessness with materials are some of the most common ways in which debris can injure someone on the ground. Construction site injuries from debris include head injury, bruising, broken bones, and spinal injury.

Debris isn’t just a concern from above, as it can also be a hazard on the ground in an improperly maintained work area. Careless placement of building materials and equipment can cause tripping which can result in all manner of injuries from broken bones to lacerations.

Unique Injuries from Vibrating Power Tools

Prolonged, everyday use of vibrating power tools or other vibrating machinery can cause two unique types of construction site injuries. Anyone who uses vibrating tools on a regular basis in any circumstance may also be susceptible to these injuries.

White Finger Syndrome happens when blood flow is restricted to the fingertips, causing them to pale to almost white in color. This restricted blood flow also causes discomfort, tingling, numbness and lack of sensitivity in the fingertips. In severe, untreated cases, the victim may experience a lack of strength and mobility in the fingers and hands.

Raynaud’s Syndrome is similar except that it effects more than just the fingers and hands. Construction workers that are experiencing Raynaud’s may feel effects in their toes, nose and ears similar to White Finger. Again, this is because of restricted blood flow. It is made worse by cold temperatures.

Contacting a Louisiana Construction Accident Attorney

Many construction site injuries are severe and require costly treatment and rehabilitation. Even with Workers’ Compensation, your family will need ongoing support and financial assistance, especially in cases where you are unable to return to work. After such events, seeking to file a Louisiana personal injury lawsuit may be necessary.

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