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Seeking Truck Accident Compensation in Louisiana

Insurance companies always want to settle on terms and compensation that ensures their company will absorb the least amount of payout and damages, especially for the high costs often associated with Louisiana truck accidents.

The initial settlement they offer you for your truck accident compensation claim may be thousands of dollars lower than what you deserve or need to pay for your medical bills and expenses. It will also likely restrict you from seeking further truck accident compensation should you require future medical attention related to your accident injuries.

What kind of truck accident compensation should I expect?

Due to their large size and potentially hazardous cargo, truck accidents usually result in severe injuries and damages. This causes insurance coverage and settlements for truck accident compensation to typically be much higher than standard auto accident claims. Every case is different and there is no magic number you should expect from a settlement.

In most cases, you will likely be entitled to truck accident compensation related to:

  • Lost wages
  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages in the case of truck driver negligence

Each of these areas has several factors involved in determining the value of your compensation. A Louisiana truck accident attorney should be able to look at the evidence, estimate your losses and damages and help you obtain a fair settlement for your truck accident claim.

How are my truck accident damages assigned a value?

Many factors come into play when assigning a value to your injuries, losses, and damages after a Louisiana truck accident. Insurance companies often consult similar past settlements to use as a benchmark for truck accident compensation values.

Your time spent away from your current job and salary will determine your lost wages compensation. The current medical bills for your accident, as well as projected costs for any long-term disability or treatment, will factor into the awarded medical expenses. The severity and duration of the injuries, as well as how they will impact your quality of life following the accident, will also add to the value of your injury claim.

If you are awarded “pain and suffering” damages, this amount is not limited by Louisiana state law, but will depend on the jury in your case. If your truck accident was caused by the truck driver’s negligence, proof of the driver error will determine the severity of the negligence. It is a good idea to seek help from a Louisiana truck accident attorney when dealing with truck accident compensation.

Contacting a Louisiana Truck Accident Attorney

Having a well-documented case is key to proving what you deserve in a truck accident settlement. An experienced Louisiana truck accident attorney will help you collect the most comprehensive evidence of your accident and negotiate the best settlement for you.

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