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Louisiana Grocery Store Slip and Fall Lawyer

Because grocery stores rely on your use of their premises to stay in business, they have a responsibility to you as a customer to keep their facilities hazard-free. This includes taking the necessary cleaning measures to ensure floors are dry and free of spills that can cause slip and fall accidents resulting in your injury.

If the grocery store is trying to claim they didn’t have time to clean a spill and prevent your slip and fall accident, you may need the help of a Louisiana slip and fall attorney.

Negligence in a Grocery Store

A common argument that the defense in a slip and fall case will try to use is that the cleaning crew of the store had no time to attend to the spill before you were injured. This defense seldom works because without proof that the spill and your resultant slip and fall happened simultaneously it’s really a matter of personal opinion how long a reasonable amount of time is for addressing safety issues in a grocery store.

With security cameras monitoring most grocery stores, as well as the assumption that staff is present in the aisles, an unattended spill is the result of negligence of the store employees. If the management claims there wasn’t enough time to clean the spill and tries to deny your claim, your Louisiana personal injury attorney can argue that they are merely trying to evade responsibility.

How a Louisiana Grocery Store Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help

The foundation of your slip and fall accident claim relies mostly on proving that the spill in the grocery store was not attended to within a reasonable amount of time, thereby causing your injury. It is ultimately up to judge and jury to determine fault in a store slip and fall claim, and a skilled attorney can help you to build a strong case.

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