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Premises Liability for Property Owners in Louisiana

We spend a good amount of our days on the property of others, whether shopping at a store, attending a party at a friends’ house, or walking along a city sidewalk. As careful as you may be, there is always a risk of having an accident and suffering an injury while on someone else’s property. In some cases it may be the fault of the property owner for not securing their premises.

An experienced Louisiana premises liability attorney can help you determine if yours is a case of premises liability, and if so, how to proceed with a lawsuit to recover damages for your injuries.

Property Owners Have a Responsibility to Your Safety in Louisiana

“Premises Liability” refers to the responsibility of a property owner to make sure their property is kept safe to avoid endangering visitors. This includes making necessary repairs to the grounds and buildings and posting proper warnings for unsafe conditions.

As long as you are lawfully on their property and acting within a reasonable manner, the property owner can be held liable for injuries you sustain on their property due to an accident, such as a slip and fall. If you are found to be trespassing on the property, your rights to claim premises liability in a personal injury lawsuit are usually voided due to your illegal presence.

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