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Louisiana Plane and Helicopter Accident Lawyer

Statistics indicate that the chances of plane and helicopter crashes occurring are somewhere between 2 to 5 percent on any given day. However, the fatality rates in these crashes are high at 75 percent. There are many factors that lead to such accidents and they include pilot error, mechanical failure, and negligence of recommended safety measures.

Plane and helicopter crashes can leave the families of those involved in a state of shock and denial. If you or someone close to you have been victims of serious injury or lost someone dear in a private or corporate aircraft crash, you should get in touch with a Louisiana personal injury attorney who specializes in such cases.

Common Causes of Aircraft Accidents

Pilot error has been found to be the leading cause of most plane and helicopter accidents occurring in the U.S. Securing a pilot license is not enough and without sufficient experience in flying an aircraft in different weather conditions, a pilot cannot be considered a good one. They must be able to deal with unusual circumstances when confronted with them during the course of a flight. Many a times, something as simple as checking the fuel tank of the aircraft can prevent an accident from occurring.

Extreme weather conditions can steer a plane and helicopter off course. Strong winds, thunderstorms or hailstorms, can all affect visibility and cause the pilot to lose control of the aircraft especially someone who is not used to these flying conditions. In hostile terrain such as mountainous regions or dense jungles, this can turn fatal. Sometimes, birds may unintentionally fly right into the aircraft and if they get caught in the engines or rotors it is sufficient enough to bring down the aircraft. This has happened before.

Mechanical problems in plane and helicopter arise due to bad design and poor maintenance of aircrafts. Usually such issues alone do not lead to major air crashes, but when they happen in combination with inclement weather conditions or pilot error, they can lead to tragic outcomes.

Receiving Compensation in Louisiana

If you have been injured in an aircraft crash or lost someone close to you in such an incident, then you may want to explore your legal options, particularly if the mishap was caused due to negligence. A variety of topics ranging from avionics to economics come in play when dealing with such cases. A lawyer with specialized knowledge will be aware of the factors that come into play in such lawsuits.

Quite often, the impact of the crash can destroy all essential evidence from the plane and helicopter. Then, the lawyer will have to conduct an investigation into what happened with the help of analysts. The reports will help in preparing for the case effectively. Expert witnesses may be called in to verify or attest the chain of events as they may have occurred.

If you have been hurt in an aviation accident, then you will incur significant medical expenses as well as loss of income while you recuperate from your injuries. So, the compensation you seek must be adequate enough to cover all these.


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