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Louisiana Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Incidents of nursing home liability arise when elderly people sustain injury or die due to abuse and negligence. A Louisiana personal injury lawyer can help further your knowledge on the different kinds of abuse that can occur. It may be hard to believe that someone dear to you is a victim of abuse. However, the harsh reality is that such incidents do occur. It has been found that around 240,000 such cases are reported in the United States each year.

The reality of nursing home liability came to the forefront after an investigation conducted in 2001 by the government. It was reported that about 30 percent of about 17,000 nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the U.S. had been reported for abuse. It is essential to safeguard the rights of the elderly.

Nursing Home Abuse Definition

Most nursing home liability cases are due to some type of negligence, physical abuse, denying food, sexual abuse, not providing medical aid, causing emotional distress, and mistakes in administering medication. Factors such as inadequately trained staff, unqualified employees and caregivers, and lack of necessary facilities contribute to nursing home abuse.

Nursing home liability cases may be difficult to prove. This is partially due to reluctance on part of the victims to come forward and file charges. If you suspect abuse of a loved one, then approach a Louisiana nursing home abuse lawyer. They can help you defend the rights of a hapless elderly person and restore some of the dignity that they deserve.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Louisiana

More often than not, signs of abuse are difficult to detect. There may not be visible signs because the abuse could be psychological in nature or even sexual. You should keep an eye out for signs of depression, bruises, fractures, missing personal items, loss of appetite, difference in attitude, irregular schedule of medications or meals, as well as any complaints of ill-treatment.

The Final Straw

It is important that you report any such incidents and if required file a nursing home liability case. This will not just help get justice for your dear one but also caution other residents of that particular nursing home. Your initiative may help other residents and their families gather enough courage to act against such atrocities. A good attorney can guide you and help you gather evidence and document it for court. This ends unnecessary pain and suffering for your loved one. The objective of nursing homes is to provide a safe and caring environment for the elderly and infirm. If legal options are the only way to make them see the light then that is the door that must be opened.

Call An Experienced Louisiana Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Hardworking attorney Price McNamara handles nursing home abuse cases across New Orleans, Kenner, Lafayette, Mandeville, Lafourche, Terrebone, Jefferson, Orleans, East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Ascension, and St. John Parishes. If you think that you a personal injury claim, call our Louisiana nursing home abuse lawyer at his Baton Rouge (225-201-8311) or Metairie office (504-458-8455) to schedule a free consultation. His extensive 2o years trial experience, proven track record, and limited caseload philosophy ensure personal attention and consistent patient hearings.

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