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Proving Fault in Louisiana Motorcycle Accidents

It may be difficult to prove you were not at-fault in a motorcycle accident in Louisiana. This is because Louisiana is a fault state in regards to auto accidents, meaning insurance companies pay according to each party’s degree of fault. If you cannot prove you were not at-fault for your Louisiana motorcycle accident, you risk losing your insurance injury claim.

Prove Not At-Fault in a Louisiana Motorcycle Accident

Your first step is to report your motorcycle accident to your insurance company. Begin documentation of all the parties involved. These can include:

  • The other driver(s)
  • Responding police officers
  • Doctors
  • Witnesses to the motorcycle accident

Such individuals can be key evidence in convincing others that you were not at-fault for your motorcycle accident. Collect any evidence that you can concerning your damages and injuries, including:

  • Police reports
  • Witness statements
  • Medical reports
  • Photos of the scene

How a Louisiana Motorcycle Lawyer Can Help

An experienced Louisiana personal injury lawyer can often obtain evidence that you cannot. Obtaining complete records from the other party’s insurance company can prove difficult as they are always reluctant to divulge potentially harmful information. Your Louisiana personal injury lawyer can help obtain the necessary evidence to convince the jury you were not the at-fault driver, a critical step in the injury claim process, should a trial become necessary.

The insurance companies are only interested in their own profits and what will result in the lowest payout from their end. Without enough evidence to prove your innocence, you may receive a lower settlement or even have your case dismissed completely.

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