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Process of a Louisiana Motorcycle Accident

Your Louisiana motorcycle accident has resulted in unexpected expenses, pain, suffering and sometimes life-changing effects on you and your family. The first thing on your mind may be “How am I going to handle all of this?” With the help of a Louisiana motorcycle accident lawyer, you can pursue a Louisiana personal injury lawsuit that can help recover the damages you need and deserve.

Setting Up Your Louisiana Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

After your Louisiana motorcycle accident, you need to file a claim detailing your injuries and losses in regards to your accident, including the amount of compensation you are requesting. Filing a complaint is the first step in recovering damages for your Louisiana motorcycle accident.

Once this paperwork is processed by the court, the defendant (the person who you are seeking damages from) will be notified of your claim. At this point the defendant will have a fixed amount of time to respond to the claim and your case will begin. An experienced New Orleans motorcycle accident lawyer can help you determine a fair amount of compensation to request by looking at all the factors involved in your case, including estimations of future medical expenses related to your accident.

Proving Your Case

Discovery is the next step once the Louisiana personal injury lawsuit is filed and acknowledged by all parties involved. At this stage, you will be providing evidence of your Louisiana motorcycle accident, the injuries sustained, the impact the accident has had on your life, and the settlement terms you are seeking.

Louisiana is a comparative negligence fault state, meaning your case rides on proving that you had the lowest percentage of fault in the accident. Proving that the other party was entirely or mostly at fault for your injuries is crucial in determining how large your potential settlement may be. The higher percent of fault you are found to be at, the larger the reduction of your settlement award.

Contacting a Louisiana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

It is very common for personal injury cases like Louisiana motorcycle accidents to settle out-of-court. Your New Orleans motorcycle accident lawyer can review any settlement offer you receive as well as negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf.

Don’t let the insurance companies pay you off with a low-ball settlement that won’t even cover your medical bills! A New Orleans motorcycle accident lawyer from the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara can guide you through every step of your motorcycle accident claim.

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