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Common Causes of Louisiana Motorcycle Accidents

You face a slew of new hazards and conditions when driving a motorcycle among other, larger vehicles. Besides the absence of a hard frame around you, you are more susceptible to ejection from your seat. The size and lack of safety devices on motorcycles makes you much more susceptible to severe injuries when a Louisiana motorcycle accident occurs.

High Speeds Motorcycle Accidents

One of the leading causes of Louisiana motorcycle accidents is high speeds either by the motorcycle, other vehicles, or both. With the lightness and quick mobility of a motorcycle, it’s easy for a driver to become distracted or lose control, often resulting in a single-driver crash with a pole or wall.

High-speed accidents are often much more deadly and lend themselves to more severe injuries. Tailgating while traveling at high speeds is a very dangerous practice, as a sudden stop by the leading driver leaves little time for you to react, often resulting in rear-end collisions.

Blind Spots in Louisiana

In a study by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, 78% of the reported two-vehicle motorcycle accidents in 2005 involved the motorcycle being hit by a car in the front, while only 6% in the rear. This is because many motorcycle accidents happen when a car in front changes lanes without checking their blind spots.

The smaller motorcycle is easily stuck unaware in a car’s blind spot until it’s too late and the rear of the car strikes the front or side of the bike. In 38% of the recorded crashes, the motorcycle was struck by a vehicle that failed to see the bike while making a left turn.

Unsafe Road Conditions Pose Additional Hazards

The lighter, 2-wheel design of the motorcycle makes it less stable on the road, even at the hands of an experienced operator. Hazardous road conditions are a danger to all vehicles, but they are even more apt to cause Louisiana motorcycle accidents.

Bad weather, uneven surfaces and debris are all road hazards made more dangerous when a motorcycle encounters them. Cars and trucks have more stability with four wheels, and the safety of a metal body to protect their passengers, while motorcycles lack those safety features.

Loss of control, whether from dangerous road conditions or driver error, is the cause of most motorcycle accidents. In 2005, 26% of fatal crashes involved the motorcycle striking a fixed object.

Contacting a Louisiana Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you suffered injury or have lost a loved one in a Louisiana motorcycle accident, you may need the help of a New Orleans motorcycle accident attorney to file a personal injury lawsuit.

The New Orleans motorcycle accident attorneys at the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara are experienced with Louisiana motorcycle accident cases and can help you with your filing and questions. Contact us to schedule your FREE legal consultation today.

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