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Why It Is Important to Hire an Experienced Louisiana ERISA Attorney

jpricemcnamaraYou are probably not an expert in ERISA law, even though the conditions you must meet in order to successfully appeal your claim denial practically force you to be. To stand even a remote chance of obtaining the benefits to which you are entitled, you have to follow the process established in your summary plan description (SPD) to the absolute letter.

In truth, most lawyers are not experts in ERISA law, either. ERISA is a complex area of law, which requires hard work and an eye for detail while limiting the damages that can be recovered. Many attorneys find ERISA law to demand too much of their time and effort with too little financial reward in return.

J. Price McNamara is not one of those attorneys.

In fact, Mr. McNamara has devoted much of his career to standing up for disabled employees against giant insurance companies that wrongfully deny claims for benefits. Someone has to, and in the state of Louisiana, Mr. McNamara is just the man for the job.

Too many people are intimidated into giving up their fight for the benefits they deserve. Don’t become one of them. J. Price McNamara has the experience, skill, knowledge, and history of success necessary to providing you with the legal help you need when you need it most. Insurance companies don’t want you to secure the services of an experienced Louisiana ERISA lawyer such as Mr. McNamara. They want you to find the entire ordeal too time-consuming and confusing. That’s reason enough to contact the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara today to arrange for your free, comprehensive case review.

How an Experienced ERISA Attorney Can Help

There are lawyers out there who advertise themselves as ERISA lawyers, but who do little more than draft appeal letters on behalf of their clients. When you secure the services of J. Price McNamara as soon as possible after the initial denial of your claim for disability benefits, you can expect him and his colleagues to:

  • Scrutinize your summary plan description (SPD) to ensure that your appeal complies with the process laid forth;
  • Collect and organize your medical records, statements from your doctor and other relevant specialists, and statements from your co-workers, family members, and other parties who are witness to your disability;
  • Make sure that your job description is thorough and does not allow for challenges by the insurance company that you are able to perform at least some of your designated tasks;
  • Represent you in communications with your plan administrator;
  • Respond to and collect any surveillance footage that has been created of you;
  • Guide your doctor and other medical experts in developing their statements in language that your plan administrator will find acceptable;
  • Obtain and analyze the administrative record;
  • Help you keep a journal of the symptoms, pain, and treatments associated with your disability, as well as of your correspondence with your plan administrator (and with your insurance company if that company is not your plan administrator);
  • Make sure that you meet all deadlines and are granted extensions if necessary to presenting the strongest appeal possible;
  • Fill in any gaps in your evidence and make sure that, if litigation becomes necessary, there are no weak spots in the administrative record;
  • Represent you in mediation or settlement conferences with the insurance company;
  • Identify and document all instances in which your plan administrator abused its discretion;
  • File all necessary motions with the courts if litigation becomes necessary.

Contact Our Louisiana ERISA Lawyers Today

These are just a few of the services that an experienced ERISA litigation attorney will be able to provide. When you entrust your ERISA case to J. Price McNamara, you can rest assured that he will work tirelessly to serve your best interests every step of the way.

You can also rest assured that, because Mr. McNamara handles ERISA cases on a contingency fee basis, you will pay no attorney’s fees and will not be responsible for the reimbursement of advanced litigation costs unless you obtain your benefits. What you get in return for securing Mr. McNamara’s services is the peace of mind of knowing that you have given yourself the best possible chance to receive the benefits to which you are entitled at no risk to you.

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