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Louisiana Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Many people love pets and so it becomes inevitable that dog bites will happen at some time. A large number of people across the United States have been victims of vicious attacks by pet dogs. One cannot predict when a pet dog may decide to turn to aggression and there are no specific reasons why such incidents occur. Quite often, children are the ones who are injured the most in such incidents and constitute about 60 percent of such victims. Some breeds of dogs are considered more ferocious than others and can cause serious injury and even death.

If you or someone close to you is a dog bites victim, then you should consult a Louisiana personal injury lawyer and seek adequate compensation for your damages. It might have been an accident but the fact remains that you are burdened with medical expenses and may even have to stay home from work for a few days while you recuperate.

Dog Bite Laws in Louisiana

In some states, the law holds that owners of dangerous pets are responsible for the actions of that animal, including, but not limited to, dog bites. It is their duty to ensure that their pets are restrained and prevented from attacking humans. If an owner is found guilty of violating the leash law, then that may be enough to turn the case in your favor. In some cities certain breeds of dogs such as the pit bull have been outlawed. Warning signs posted outside the dog owner’s property may offer them some protection from liability but it does not fully absolve them. If they cannot handle their violent dog and if they neglect the safety of others, they are the ones who should be held accountable.

An attorney who is experienced in handling dog bites cases will be able to check local health department records to find out if the animal in question has previously hurt anyone else in similar incidents. It is possible top obtain licensing and vaccination records as well as veterinarian reports on the dog through legal methods. This will help ascertain whether the animal has a history of aggressive behavior.

Damages and Compensation

Dog bites require immediate medical attention and if the injury is serious it will involve hospital stays also. Rabies shots are also a part of the first aid administered in such cases. A victim of a dog attack is entitled to claim compensation for physical injuries, medical expenses, scars left behind, loss of income, psychological trauma as well as pain and suffering. The amount of compensation awarded, will to a large extent, be determined by the health and age of the injured person.

Most such cases can be settled outside of court and a dedicated dog bites lawyer will attempt to do so if the client accepts this mode of finalization. Most dog owners will have some sort of insurance against such incidents and negotiating with the insurance companies can be a tough thing to do. A committed and competent lawyer will be able to advise you on the best course of action. Dog bite laws can vary from state to state but a local attorney will be best aware of the area laws.

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