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Steps to Take After a Louisiana Car Accident

When you are involved in a Louisiana car accident, unless you are rendered unconscious by your injuries, you are most likely going to be in shock. Once you become aware of what has happened, you can then start concentrating on what to do next to protect your rights as an accident victim.

Call for Help

If you are able to call for help, immediately turn your car’s ignition off, and then dial 9-1-1. Provide the dispatcher with as much information as possible concerning the location of the accident, the number of cars involved and if there are any injuries.

If you are not able to call for help, and if your car does not have an on-board emergency response system, exit your vehicle and try to flag down help or walk to an emergency call box.

If You Are Injured

If you are seriously injured, try to remain as still as possible to avoid worsening a possible head or neck injury. Even when you leave your car, be cautious about your movements because you may have an injury of which you are unaware.

Once emergency medical personnel have arrived on the scene, let them know if you have any allergies to medications. From there, follow their instructions as they treat you and get you ready for transport to a medical facility if necessary.

Next, you’ll need to contact a Louisiana personal injury attorney who can explain your legal options.

If You Are Not Injured

If you are sure that you are not seriously injured, slowly get out of your car. If the door is jammed, try asking for assistance or wait for emergency crews to arrive. At this point, try to take photographs or try to record notes about the damage to your car and the accident scene.

Responding to Questions in Louisiana

Do not discuss your accident with anyone other than emergency crews and police. You will need to talk to the other driver to get their insurance information, but do not discuss the details of the accident, admit fault or get into an argument.

Anything you say at an accident scene can be held against you in a personal injury claim. Even saying something as simple as “I’m Sorry” can be used in court to prove you admitted the accident was your fault. If there are witnesses to your accident, get their names and contact information, but do not discuss the details of the accident.

Contacting a Louisiana Car Accident Attorney

After a serious accident, while you are dealing with injuries, medical bills, car repairs, and insurance companies, it’s important to have someone working on your side.

Speaking with an experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney after an accident can help you understand your legal rights and options, and if necessary, help you file a personal injury lawsuit to help you recover compensation for your losses.

The Louisiana personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara can help you recover damages for medical bills, ongoing medical treatment, property damage, and other accident-related expenses. Contact us to schedule your FREE legal consultation today – (866)-248-0580.

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