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Louisiana Industrial Flood Claim Lawyer

Handling the repairs needed after industrial property damage can be grueling because it requires dealing with a multitude of responsibilities. As a policyholder, you will have to get estimates from various contractors, negotiate claims with adjusters, obtain assessments, and so on. Furthermore, you will have to prepare and provide insurance companies detailed documentation regarding the damage and required repair, which can become overwhelming when you are already trying to keep your business running. If you are unable to provide insurance companies with the required documentation, the claim can go on for a very long time and even after all that work, you may still end up with a denied industrial flood claim.

Our Louisiana flood damage claim attorneys have extensive knowledge handling all the paperwork required to prevent your industrial flood claim from being denied.  We are ready to take immediate action on your behalf! Our team can handle both small and large claims and everything in between.

  • Evaluation
    • Evaluating the amount of damage to your industrial property will not be enough. Our experienced legal team will not only measure the damage, but be able to evaluate whether the claims need to be submitted through different policies based on the type of damage.
  • Analysis
    • Once our team has evaluated the industrial property damage, they will be able to analyze the various peripheral damages that can take a toll on your business, including, but not limited to, stocks, brand damage, equipment, and the like.
  • Recovery Timeline
    • Our experienced attorneys will be able to set up a timeline of events from the initial claim evaluation through to full recovery so that you will be able on top of the restoration process and can manage your business accordingly.
  • Continual Review
    • Throughout the restoration process, our legal team will continually review all assessments and estimates to ensure your business is fully recovered.

Contact Our Louisiana Industrial Flood Claim Lawyer

If you are dealing with a denied industrial flood claim, or even if your claim was underpaid due to under-evaluation, our attorneys will fight to reevaluate your claim and get you the recovery you deserve to ensure your business is fully restored.  Whether you are dealing with a Baton Rouge industrial flood claim, or anywhere in Louisiana, call us today at 866.248.0580!

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