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Louisiana Homeowner Flood Insurance Claim Lawyers

Having to deal with a flood is difficult enough, but when you are facing a residential flood insurance denial of your claim on a policy that you have paid premiums on for years, it can be overwhelming and incredibly frustrating. Even if your homeowner flood insurance claim is processed, you are left with the arduous task of dealing with getting assessments, understanding estimates, dealing with contractors, and all of the other organizing and coordinating required to restore your home. Our Louisiana flood insurance attorneys are ready to assist you with tackling your insurance policy and making sure you are receiving the insurance coverage you deserve.

To compound the problem, many people are not knowledgeable or experienced enough to ensure they are getting the full benefits of the compensation they are entitled. Moreover, if there is an issue anywhere along the line in the process, you may not know how to tackle those obstacles because the insurance company will always try to either deny your claim or, at least, pay out as little as they possibly can.

Get in Touch With Our Louisiana Homeowner Flood Insurance Claim Lawyers

As a homeowner and victim of a flood or water damage, you can turn to the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara.  We will help you navigate through the complexities and challenges of a residential flood insurance claim or even a residential flood insurance denial. We’ll make sure you are getting paid by the insurance company. Our team includes flood insurance denial lawyers that have experience dealing with insurance companies that:

  • Attempt to deny a legitimate claim;
  • Refuse to acknowledge the full extent of damage;
  • Refuse to pay for the total amount of damages;
  • Refuse to pay for certain types of damage such as mold;
  • Refuse to pay for certain types of actions needed such as thorough mildew removal

These are just a few of the issues that will frustrate and overwhelm a residential flood insurance policyholder.

Ideally, engage a skilled attorney immediately when a flood or water damage hits. In the event that you have been dealing with the aftermath of a Louisiana flood claim without success; negotiating with insurance companies to ensure your all of your damage is included; or even if your Louisiana homeowner flood insurance claim was denied, we can help.

Our experienced Louisiana homeowner flood insurance claim lawyers will be able to help you no matter what stage of the process you are currently in with your claim.

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