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Louisiana Business Flood Insurance Claim

Floods can be devastating and can cause millions of dollars in property damage ranging from small homes to large commercial facilities. Every year, many business property owners will face a commercial flood insurance denial on their claim. For those that are able to file a claim, many are left with insufficient compensation after having waited for a very long time for any help from Louisiana Business Flood Insurance companies. Whether it was due to a commercial flood insurance denial or an insufficient claim, many of these businesses have had to close their doors; sometimes for good.

Flooding and high water can result in a multitude of damages to property, both internally and externally. Some examples of damage that result from flooding includes:

  • Toxic mold
  • Structural integrity damage
  • Building exteriors
  • Internal walls and floors
  • Sewage system
  • Water heater
  • Furnace
  • Furniture
  • Documents and books

Perhaps the worst circumstance of the damage of flooding is the interruption of your business. The damage does not even need to be extensive to cause closing the doors of your business temporarily during the repairs. The problem is further compounded by fighting with insurance companies that are trying their best to prevent compensation. It can take several weeks to several months, and in some cases, years to get compensation from insurance companies. How will you know if you are entitled to business interruption coverage? With the help of our qualified attorneys, we will help you navigate the legal jargon and make sure you get compensated through your business interruption insurance.

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Negotiating with commercial flood insurance providers requires knowledge and experience in order to avoid a claim dragging on for months. Furthermore, there are complex policies and variations on what is covered under certain policies. In order to survey all of your policy options and ensure complete coverage, you will need an experienced attorney that completely understands a Louisiana business flood insurance claim.

The Law Offices of J. Price McNamara will help you navigate through the complexities and challenges of a commercial flood insurance claim or even a commercial flood insurance denial. We service Baton Rouge, Ascension Parish, Livingston Parish, East Baton Rouge Parish, Plaquemines Parish, Tangipahoa Parish, Lafayette Parish, and the rest of Louisiana.

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