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Employee and other insurance benefits can often be taken for granted until you need to utilize them. If you are like most Americans, you pay the required premium, hope that if you should need to take advantage of them they will be there, and do not think any further about them. However, each year many Americans are surprised to find out they are denied the benefits of their ERISA insurance.

Sometimes, these denials are for legitimate reasons and sometimes they are not. If you feel you were unfairly denied ERISA insurance benefits, contact a Florida ERISA lawyer for assistance.

Examining ERISA in Florida

ERISA is an acronym for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. This act was put into law to help give more rights and protections to insured Americans who have insurance plans through their employer or another entity. ERISA generally does not cover government-sponsored plans or plans through entities like churches. Under ERISA an employee cannot be fired or discriminated against for obtaining benefits.

This complicated set of laws sets the framework for employee and employer relations for benefit programs. ERISA has many very specific rules for employers to follow and even sets the consequences for not following them.

For example, ERISA provides that employees can request plan materials from the administrator. If the materials are not received in 30 days, the employee can file a federal suit. The court can then impose a fine of up to $110 each day over 30 days. ERISA also gives employees the opportunity to appeal and file suit for other reasons such as a denied disability claim.

Holding Plans Accountable

While ERISA laws give specific rules on how benefit plans should work, without plan administrators being held accountable the laws mean nothing. A Florida ERISA lawyer has the job of holding benefit plans accountable to ERISA laws and to their own policies and contracts.

Holding them accountable can sometimes be as simple as a letter or a phone call. Other times it may take an appeal or a lawsuit. Whatever the situation ERISA experienced lawyers understand the laws and how they should be applied to benefit plans.

Reach Out to a Florida ERISA Attorney Today

If you are having problems getting your ERISA claim filed or accepted, you do not have to face this on your own. An experienced Florida ERISA lawyer can examine your situation to help determine whether you have a valid claim and how much your own insurance plan may be worth.

You have worked hard and paid for these benefits. Do not let them go to waste when you need them the most. The best way to help ensure that they will be there for you is to work with a qualified attorney.

Whether it is learning more about your plan and what you can do to increase your benefits, filing an initial claim or an appeal, or pursuing legal action, a skilled attorney is here for you. Contact a Florida ERISA lawyer today to find out how they may be able to help.

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