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Savannah ERISA Lawyer

Savannah ERISA Lawyer

Many employers in Savannah and throughout Georgia use the lure of benefit packages to draw qualified employees to their businesses. Indeed, it is rare for a worker to decide on a place of employment without regard for these perks. However, while these packages can provide valuable benefits to employees, the fact that they are attached to employment complicates situations in which a policyholder may need to dispute a claim denial. This is because a federal law known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) controls all employer-provided benefit plans. These can include retirement plans, health insurance, and even life insurance. ERISA establishes a set of baseline standards to which all plan providers must adhere, but it also places an additional burden on policyholders that can complicate and lengthen any dispute. Contact a Savannah ERISA lawyer to begin investigating your potential legal options.

A dedicated ERISA lawyer may be able to help. They could examine the potential reasons for your claim denial and work to identify an effective plan of action. Call and schedule an appointment as soon as possible to get started on your case.

What is ERISA and How does it Affect Benefit Plans?

ERISA is a federal law first enacted in 1974. Originally intended to regulate employer-provided retirement plans, amendments to the law have expanded its scope to include any employer-provided benefit plan. Since most workplaces provide these plans and some employers are even required to, many employees are subject to ERISA laws.

ERISA most directly affects policyholders by creating an obligation for plan administrators to enact an internal appeals process for any plan dispute. While this may seem like a benefit to policyholders, it could also slow down the entire process.

While people who purchase individual plans have the right to immediately ask a court to intervene in a dispute, ERISA regulations state that all internal insurance company procedures must be exhausted before a court can hear a case. A Savannah ERISA lawyer could help claimants better understand ERISA and how it affects their claims.

Seeking Relief in Court

At its core, every insurance plan is a contract between a policyholder and their plan’s administrator. In exchange for the payment of regular premiums, the policyholder expects that the administrator will provide benefits if they ever need them. This can include paying for necessary medical care, providing retirement income, or paying out a death benefit.

Because these plans are contracts, either party may ask a court to enforce that contract. However, as discussed above, policyholders must first go through the appeal procedure created under the mandate of ERISA. Once this is complete, the policyholder can ask a United States District Court in Savannah to hear the case.

How a Savannah ERISA Attorney Could Help

Pursuing benefits under a plan controlled by ERISA can be complex and frustrating. In addition to dealing with the usual problems involved with insurance disputes, you must also undergo an often-futile appeal process before you can even ask a court to get involved. Still, this process is non-negotiable for any plan an employer provides that falls under the jurisdiction of ERISA.

A Savannah ERISA lawyer could provide essential support with every step of this procedure by working to ensure you understand how ERISA affects your case. They could also help you exhaust all the required internal appeals and, if necessary, pursue your case in a United States District Court to demand enforcement of your insurance policy. Contact an attorney today to discuss your options.

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